162 Nuclear Scientists Leaked America’s Top Secrets to China

Newly released reports are indicating American nuclear secrets have been leaked to China, which puts our country’s national security at stake.

Reportedly, China recruited 162 Chinese nuclear scientists, who worked in different capacities in America.

America’s Nuclear Secret Go Into Wrong Hands

According to a newly released report by Strider technologies, China is aiming to get a military advantage over America by recruiting people who are well aware of US military secrets.

Strider Technologies is a private organization providing intelligence to different governments to help them in making strategically important decisions.

Over the last 35 years, the report claimed, at least 162 scientists who worked in US nuclear research labs have left America to work with the Chinese government.

As per the reports, 15 nuclear scientists who now work in China obtained top-level security clearances before working for the United States, not to mention some of them also received government funding to conduct sensitive research in America.

After getting experience in America, the report continued, the newly recruited Chinese scientists are now involved in conducting domestic research and developmental (R&D) programs in China.

Strider Technologies also established at least one scientist had “Q Clearance” from the United States Department of Energy, which allowed the scientist to access top secret restricted data and national security secrets.

As hundreds of nuclear scientists go back to China, they have most likely taken America’s nuclear secrets with them. Likewise, they are now well aware of all the American nuclear technologies, which can give China an undue edge in case of any possible nuclear crisis.

China Prepares for Possible Nuclear War

Since returning from the United States, American scientists have already helped China in developing hypersonic missiles, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV), and state-of-the-art warheads, the report added.

Dr. Chen Shiyi, alumnus of the Los Alamos Club and an expert in fluid dynamics, is leading the efforts to bring Chinese nuclear scientists back to China.

Shiyi worked in the 1990s in the US labs and served as president of the Southern University of Science and Technology, China, from where he worked to recruit Chinese-American scientists.

One of the most important hires of Shiyi was a former scientist in New Mexico, Zhao Yusheng, who received a grant of almost $19.8 million while working in the United States.

This shocking revelation of the Chinese playing with US nuclear secrets came at a time when FBI Director Christopher Wray already warned that Chinese spies were observing each and every company in the United States.

Wray further asserted no American business dealing with pharmaceuticals, aviation, and AI is safe from Chinese spies.

The Chinese-American scientists could also be involved in last year’s experiment of China. The communist country shocked the world as its nuclear-capable hypersonic missile circumvented the earth without being detected by any radar on the globe.

Chinese President Xi Jinping already warned America not to intervene in its possible invasion of Taiwan.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.