28% of Democrats Want to Ban Americans from Becoming NRA Members

Over the past year, Democrats have pushed back against claims that they’re antagonistic towards freedom and liberty. As a matter of fact, many progressives claim that their policies are designed to promote freedom and liberty, but this is simply not the case. Time and time again, Democrats and progressives in particular have expressed their interest in employing the government to force their own political interests onto the American people.

Once again, this concern about progressives is proven as merited. According to a Rasmussen poll, 28% of Democrats are in favor of using the United States government to ban Americans from becoming members of the National Rifle Association; attacks on the NRA have mounted over the past few weeks, in light of recent mass shootings.

The War on the NRA

Attacks on the NRA have been ongoing for quite some time now. Shortly after last month’s shootings, the San Francisco Board of Advisers branded the NRA as a “domestic terrorist organization” and urged businesses in the city not to work with the organization. As a result, the San Francisco city, county, and Board of Advisers are now facing a lawsuit for infringing upon the NRA’s First Amendment rights.

The data from the latest Rasmussen poll is disturbing. The fact that more than a quarter of Democrats would support using the government to ban Americans from becoming members of the NRA speaks volumes. If only the Democrat Party directed this same energy towards real criminals, instead of lawful gun owners.

Additional information from the aforementioned poll shows that 32% of Democrats and 78% of Republicans maintain a favorable outlook of the NRA.

A Lack of Interest in Real Solutions

Whenever a mass shooting takes place, Democrats articulate emotional soundbites about saving lives. The actions which they’ve taken against the NRA and the support of using government to ban NRA memberships shows that Democrats aren’t serious about real solutions.

Not a single mass shooting has ever been committed by a member of the NRA. Restrictive actions should not be taken against law-abiding citizens of this country, which is what members of the NRA are. At this point, attacks on the NRA are a smokescreen for Democrats to further their political agenda against the right-wing whilst pretending to care about the lives of American citizens.

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