3 Out of 4 Americans Say They’re Not Financially Secure, New Report Shows


A recent survey by Bankrate reveals that a staggering 75% of Americans do not feel financially secure, with most respondents citing inflation and insufficient emergency savings as primary concerns. The report highlights that the average American believes they need to earn $233,000 annually to achieve financial security, a figure significantly higher than the current average income of $75,000​​.

The survey reflects the growing economic unease among Americans, exacerbated by rising living costs and economic instability. About 63% of the 2,500 surveyed indicated they felt financially insecure, with many pointing to rising prices and economic conditions as contributing factors. Moreover, 42% mentioned insufficient emergency savings, while 36% attributed their financial insecurity to rising interest rates​​.

Sarah Foster, an economic analyst at Bankrate, emphasized that the perceived need for such a high salary is striking given the average earnings. Foster notes that even those with high salaries might still feel financially burdened due to other factors like housing, education, and healthcare costs​ ​.

Bankrate's findings align with other studies, such as a report by Fast Company, which found that Americans believe they need nearly $483,000 annually to feel financially free.

This discrepancy highlights the widening gap between actual earnings and perceived financial security​​.

Additionally, a Yahoo Finance article indicates that many Americans are struggling with the financial strain, with significant portions unable to plan beyond their next paycheck or save for emergencies​.

The Bankrate survey also underscores the impact of economic factors on financial well-being, with inflation being a significant stressor for many households. Despite some improvements in the job market, the ongoing financial strain from rising costs continues to affect Americans' sense of security​​.

In conclusion, the current economic climate, marked by high inflation and volatile markets, has left a majority of Americans feeling financially insecure. The substantial gap between actual incomes and the perceived necessary earnings for financial security underscores the challenges many face in today's economy​.


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