5 Antifa Members Charged with Domestic Terrorism for Anti-Police Attacks

Five individuals who are reportedly members of Antifa have been busted for staging violent attacks against a police development project in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been charged with “domestic terrorism,” among other charges.

They Made Their Little Communist ‘Autonomous Zone’

The five communist terrorists were nabbed after spending months trying to prevent the construction of a $90 million police training venue called the “Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.”

This is supposed to be erected in a wooded area, the Weenlaunee Forest, HotAir reported. 

The five detainees and other far-left thugs have been harassing workers, pelting police officers with rocks, or tossing incendiary devices on multiple occasions.

They’ve been doing that since this spring, after turning the development area into a so-called “autonomous zone,” a place of utter lawlessness and societal collapse that communist terrorists love so much.  

The Antifa activists referred to the lawless zone they managed to craft for several months as “Cop City.” 

The thug protesters’ official reason for their actions was “environmental concern,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, as 381 acres of the Weelaunee Forest would be cut out to build the police center.

Before the five Antifa terrorists got busted for “domestic terrorism,” the Atlanta police had arrested several other people in the “Cop City” for more minor crimes, such as car-jackings, arson, destruction of property, and attacks on government officials and residents.

The five Antifa members, however, were found “holed up in treehouses,” in which the law enforcement officers also came upon explosive devices.

The Atlanta Police Department revealed the busted Antifa communists are three white males, one black male, and one white female. cThey were sent to the DeKalb County Jail, with a local court later refusing them bonds. 

Each one of the five communist thugs was charged with domestic terrorism, with other charges ranging from criminal trespassing to obstruction, riot-inciting, and aggravated assault. 

Non-Stop String of Violent Attacks 

A group of anti-police protesters was already arrested in the “Cop City autonomous zone” back in May, after they threw a Molotov cocktail and rocks at police officers. 

Since before that, the Marxist-Communist thugs have been attacking construction workers whose job is to build the 85-acre training center for the Atlanta police. 

The far-left protesters have also been trying to block access to the site by putting up barricades and other barriers. 

The Antifa activists also built their own tree houses on the development site to claim the status of property residents rather than just protesters. 

Earlier this month, the thugs burned down two houses which were also under construction in the area, and the truck of a man who had stopped there by accident. 

In another incident, they pelted rocks at fire-fighters who had come to put out a dumpster fire. 

The five Antifa members, who now face charges of domestic terrorism, were nabbed only after an entire task force of the Atlanta PD raided the area. 

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.