84 Illegal Immigrants Rescued From Tractor Trailer in Hidalgo County

On October 6, Texas officials pulled 84 illegal aliens out from rear of a tractor-trailer in what they suspect to be a human trafficking operation.

The findings of the rescue effort were announced on Twitter by Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra. He also noted a good samaritan called the police to alert them to a tractor-trailer pulling up to a house in Weslaco, Texas.

Weslaco is around eight miles north of the Mexican border with the United States.

Illegals Rescued

Guerra claims after the concerned individual called the authorities to report seeing persons being removed from the trailer, officers from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and CBP officers arrived on the site.

Guerra posted pictures online of dozens of illegal immigrants seated on the ground outside a house as police officers survey the situation.

The illegal immigrants are from Central America. Upon being discovered, they refused medical care, the sheriff told reporters on Thursday. Regarding the state of the illegal immigrants, he gave no additional information.

According to the sheriff, investigators are currently looking into the situation as a possible case of human smuggling. ICE Homeland Security Investigations special agents are working on the case.

TikTok Used For Human Trafficking

The massive red vehicle used to transport the illegal immigrants was visible in a TikTok video, looking for “someone who’s able to operate an 18-wheeler right now,” according to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

As per Fox News, which broke the story of the clip first, the video promised $70,000 to an individual who could take the truck from McAllen to Houston.

The video is real, according to officials with the Public Safety Department, and it has to do with the Thursday finding of 84 illegal immigrants in Hidalgo County.

The department reported an increase in recent postings of such videos on the Chinese-owned video hosting website.

The surge in human smuggling incidents along the border is due to this, according to Texas DPS spokesperson Christopher Olivarez, who talked to Fox News.

Using social media sites, many people from bigger cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and outside the state are enlisted as drivers to transport illegal immigrants.

The most recent illegal immigrant rescue takes place in the midst of a persistent southern border crisis that critics claim has gotten worse since Biden took office.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent illegal immigrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to a number of Democrat-controlled regions of the nation, often known as “sanctuary” towns.

As per Abbott’s administration, Texas has shuttled more than 8,100 illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., over 2,900 to New York City since August 5, and more than 870 to Chicago since August 31.

Democrats objecting to the action charged Abbott with “human trafficking” the undocumented immigrants, despite his claims it has given “much-needed assistance to our overcrowded border towns.”

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.