Shocking Video: Toddler Falls Over Border Wall!

In one of the most shocking videos ever, a toddler is seen falling over the border in Arizona as migrants attempt to illegally enter the United States by scaling the border; Townhall reports.

A Closer Look at What Happened

On Monday, a group of migrants decided that attempting to scale a 16-foot border was a wise idea; the border which they chose to climb is stationed at a port of entry in San Luis. During their attempt to illegally enter the country,  a toddler fell to the ground. Thankfully, border patrol agents were able to get the proper care for the toddler and take the migrants into custody.

Jose Garibay, a spokesman for Border Patrol’s Yuma Sector, issued the following statements about the incident which took place in Arizona:

“I don’t know if the mother was with the child, but in the video, you can see that the child actually falls from almost the top of the border wall and lands on the ground and may or may not have tried to be stopped by the individuals who are in the group.”

Future Prevention

It’s a miracle that the toddler was able to be saved by border patrol agents, but this most recent issue at the border speaks to a bigger problem. At this time, the United States is lacking the proper barriers to deter illegal immigration. This is why we have migrants who are continuously attempting to scale our existing borders. This is why we now have babies falling over the border and sustaining injuries. Each of these incidents is a living testament to the humanitarian crisis which is happening at the Southern border.

Unfortunately, the humanitarian crisis is a situation which Democrats have chosen to ignore because it’s politically inconvenient. Rather than work with President Trump on effective border security, Democrats continue to stonewall border security and allow for situations like these to persist.


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