New MAGA Wave Incoming as Asian Americans Sign Up

The Republican Party is spending substantial funds on marketing to the Asian American community ahead of the November midterms.

Republicans see it as an opportunity to effectively draw minorities into the GOP fold as voters become dissatisfied with the policies of the Biden government.

The Numbers Will Flow In

The RNC, headed by chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, will launch a hundred thousand dollars printed and digital ad campaign in this month.

This is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month. The campaign comes as part of multi-million dollar investment in minority communities, according to the organization.

Asian Americans are the quickest increasing group in the United States, accounting for over 7% of the population. They are being targeted by both Republican and Democratic leaders as prospective voters in the 2022 midterm elections.

Young Kim, as well as Michelle Steel, was elected in 2020.

The Republican Party, Kim said in an interview with Fox News Digital, is the “fantastic opportunity party” that “creates pro-growth laws that enable all Americans to flourish.”

She claimed it was the platform on which she ran that helped her win.

“I believe my victory, as well as the victories of more minority groups, veterans, and dynamic candidates demonstrates that the American dream is alive and well.”

“Lowering taxes, greater opportunities, and protecting communities empathize with many Americans from all walks of life, such as the AAPI community.”

The lawmaker also stated, “Asian American issues are American issues.”

Mainstream concerns, such as growing inflation and gas prices, ballooning crime, and rising living costs have an impact on the AAPI population, in the same manner, they have on other communities.

Rising gas prices, according to Steel, are a source of concern for Asian Americans; they align with Republican concerns and worries, based on her personal conversations with voters.

Minorities Flock to the GOP

Education problems, such as the present Supreme Court lawsuit charging Harvard, as well as the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s admittance rules unfairly discriminating against Asian Americans, connect strongly with the minority population.

“The GOP and RNC are first and foremost investing in the grassroots.”

“Then they are assisting in making these groups aware of our efforts to reach them. We’re going to start with a listening ear,” Nainoa Johsens, the RNC’s Asian Pacific American media relations director, agreed.

“One of the issues we’re seeing is the AAPI community’s views typically align with conservative ideals,” he added.

The campaign will publish ads in local and national media in critical swing states with big APA populations, such as Indian Americans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, and Filipinos.

Furthermore, the political organization has established grassroots community centers aimed at building relationships with minority voters, as well as performing voter registration drives.