A Second Hunter Biden Laptop Appears

According to a fresh story, a legal team established by a Hollywood lawyer on behalf of Hunter Biden claimed to have one of his lost computers.

This team is apparently utilizing it to figure out if explosive disclosures from the computer Hunter left at a repair store in 2019 were falsified.

The Details

Kevin Morris, the attorney known for arranging a huge deal for the writers of South Park, allegedly provided CBS News with a picture of the MacBook Pro.

They allege it was left inside Biden’s therapist’s office and confiscated during a search by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

They believe the data can be compared to information from Biden’s computer, which he left at a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019. “We have had the Rosetta Stone,” one of the Morris group’s advisers told CBS.

The media has received copies of the hard disk drive from the computer abandoned at a Delaware store.

Only the New York Post published the data when it first emerged before the 2020 presidential election; they were banned from Twitter for it.

The majority of the media regarded it as a “Russian disinformation” effort, aided by leftist ex-intelligence operatives.

However, a year and a half after Biden’s victory, news organizations, such as New York Times and Washington Post, reluctantly verified information on the hard disk drive.

Hunter Biden is depicted in emails, messages, images, and videos on the hard drive as a venal degenerate who used his father’s clout to land million-dollar deals, while using crack and associating with prostitutes.

Worse yet, part of the letters shows his father was involved in the nefarious dealings.

U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss is now investigating Hunter Biden’s business operations and tax compliance.

The Morris group has shown no proof that any of the data on the laptop left in Delaware was falsified. It also advised CBS that news outlets with backups of the laptop’s hard drive must contact the Morris team to check its content.

The Evidence Will Speak For Itself

“They can provide us theirs and we’ll look at it,” the advisor said. “In this heinous circus, they should bear the burden of evidence.”

It’s also conceivable the two laptops have some material that’s the same and other data that’s different. What Morris has today may not be indicative of the legitimacy of what’s on the other.

According to CBS, the computer Morris’ team says to have was left in Dr. Keith Ablow’s Boston practice and confiscated by the US Drug Enforcement Administration during a raid.

In conjunction with the raid, no charges were filed against Ablow, a former Fox News commentator.

In 2020, Biden’s lawyer secured the return of the computer taken from Ablow’s office. After Biden parked the laptop at a Mac repair company in Delaware for 90 days, the shop took control of it.

Hunter Biden’s $2 million outstanding tax debt was reportedly paid off by Morris, who earned a Tony Award as the founder of “The Book of Mormon.”