A Shortage in Special Education Teachers is Causing Problems

For a decent amount of time now, Americans have been feeling the sting of various shortages. From baby formula to toilet paper, food, chips, and more, getting by hasn’t exactly been easy for the average person.

It also doesn’t help that these shortages are happening amid the rise of inflation and growing interest rates. For many people, it just feels like they can’t get a break these days.

This is especially applicable to people who have kids. Since COVID hit, childcare has become harder to come upon. This naturally creates stress for folks who now have to wonder who will watch their kids while they go to work.

According to a recent Fox News report, a shortage in special education teachers is now emerging as well.

Fewer Instructors For Children With Special Needs

Teachers who work with special needs children require certifications in order to best help these children with their education. However, as of late, schools are having trouble finding instructors with the right credentials.

Therefore, schools have begun using substitutes who aren’t always fully equipped to work with special needs kids. This creates a lot of uncertainty for the children involved while opening the door to compromising the quality of their education altogether.

In 2021, 48 states nationwide confirmed shortages in special needs instructors. Many of the teachers with the necessary certifications left the education system amid COVID.

Their departures not only lessened the pool of options, but also placed a greater strain on teachers who remained active, despite all the insanity amid COVID.

During shutdowns, many children with special needs were also forced to learn remotely. This didn’t do them any favors and parents continue to report the uncertainty that this shortage is having in the lives of their kids.

A Growing Theory About the Shortage

Amid reports of fewer available teachers, many folks have taken to social media with their thoughts. Some standouts claim this shortage is driven by teachers not getting enough pay and by them lacking the necessary resources to effectively do their jobs.

Various Americans believe this is why many teachers ultimately chose to exit the profession after COVID, rather than sticking it out. People with this outlook on the situation are predicting that teacher availability shortages will worsen if serious changes aren’t made.

Thus far, it remains to be seen whether or not bumping up teacher pay happens. America continues to face a recession, an inflation crisis, and soaring rates of interest. Businesses today are looking to reduce expenses, rather than increase what they’re paying out.

Are you concerned about the shortage of special needs teachers in 48 out of 50 states? What do you believe should be done to fix this problem? Sound off with your takeaways in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.