A War is About to Break Out in Europe

Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s head of state, has started calling on Western allies to unite to “protect Europe” against Belarus’ “hybrid war” on massive immigration.

This has been dubbed the “biggest attempt to destabilize Europe” since the Cold War. Morawiecki announced, “Poland will not back down to blackmail and will do anything to stop the darkness trying to threaten Europe.”

The Polish Government is Taking that Seriously

On Sunday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki posted a video on social media, claiming attempts to trigger a new migration crisis in Europe from the Belarusian frontier are “the biggest endeavor to destabilize Europe in 30 years.”

He also noted these attempts are largely believed in Brussels to be aided and abetted by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime. “Europe, our shared home, is endangered,” Prime Minister Morawiecki warned in a government video called, “We Defend Europe.”

On the Polish-Belarusian border, a proxy war is currently raging, which Alexander Lukashenko proclaimed against the entire European Union, using Vladimir Putin’s backroom assistance.

“At first glance, these events appear to be a typical migratory crisis, yet, they are not. This is a political problem engineered with a specific goal in mind. The goal is to destabilize Europe for the first time in 30 years, since the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Numerous European Union lawmakers, such as European Commissioner Ylva Johansson and legislators from Finland, Poland, and the Balkan countries, accuse Lukashenko of hauling foreigners from the Middle East to Minsk.

They claim Lukashenko is doing this before transferring them to Euro Zone boundaries in an attempt to destabilize the EU.

Belarus Doesn’t Even Deny It

Lukashenko admitted to the BBC last week it is “absolutely possible” his military is assisting Middle Eastern immigrants in reaching Poland. However, he says he “won’t even check into it.”

“Over the months, we have supplied abundant proof it is the Belarusian government introducing migrants to the boundary in order to transport these folks to Western Europe,” Poland’s party leader said.

He then alleged having proof of the Lukashenko government’s involvement in creating the migrant crisis. “Today, Poland is the goal, but someday, Germany, Belgium, the French, or Spain will be.”

In regards to fuel prices, Mr. Morawiecki warned, “Lukashenko and Putin’s influence is being felt across Europe,” due to “dramatic reductions in gas supplies to EU states.”

“This is just the start. The dictators are not going to stop. I can guarantee you Poland will not succumb to coercion. Poland will do everything in its power to resist the evil that threatens Europe,” he declared.

“For generations, Poland has been protecting our traditional home when invaders, despots — and later, authoritarian states — had to be constrained,” the Polish leader said.

He began channeling the speech of his Hungarian equivalents and ally Viktor Orbán. Orbán made a pledge, after the first migration situation from the Balkans, to protect Europe from massive immigration with border policies.