Abortion Is No Longer a Moral Issue – It’s a Leftist Crusade

The House of Representatives, which is dominated by Democrats, has adopted a slew of spending bills; these bills will essentially break down a long-standing constitutional barrier between government funds and abortion.

Liberals eliminated wording limiting financing for abortions internationally (Helms Amendment, 1973) and in America (Hyde Amendment, 1976); this happened in a sequence of extraordinary acts, both of which polls have proven to be controversial amongst a greater percentage of the American population.

The Vast Majority Of Americans Disapprove the Idea

77 percent of Americans reject spending tax resources to support abortions in other nations, according to a Marist study conducted this year in collaboration the with anti-abortion Order of Columbus.

Progressives have overlooked long-established prohibitions on financing federal inmates’ abortion services, and unwanted pregnancies in D.C. (a.k.a. Dornan Amendment). They’ve also overlooked financing via the Peace Corps (Young), financial support for optional abortion procedures, and cover operating expenses underneath the Federal Employees Medical Benefits Initiative.

A provision that international nongovernmental groups do not perform an abortion if they get federal financing is also not included in the authorized spending thus far. This is on top of the government’s decision to rescind the Mexico City Policy, which prevents taxpayers’ money from traveling to pro-abortion groups.

Several of these were in place for several decades. The inmate restriction was first implemented in the financial year 1987 but has been in effect consistently since 1996, as per the anti-abortion Campaign for Life.

Aside from explicit financial limits, wording that would prevent Health & Human Services Department (HHS) financing beneficiaries from discrimination against national healthcare organizations that refuse to offer, pay for, or recommend for termination has also been eliminated.

The exclusions in the House budget mark a significant departure from prior years when individuals could opt out of supporting some abortions, even though they opposed the procedure.

The Democrat Goal is To Remove Any Potential Life-Saving Restrictions

Susan B. Anthony List congressional director Jamie Dangers remarked that the pro-abortion Democrat goal to dismantle common, potentially life-saving safeguards is a sad and dramatic development.

For generations, both in the House and Senate and even in the White House, the Hyde Amendment and Hyde-like additions have been nonpartisan policy; they were supported by previous administrations from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama.

Democratic leaders’ hardline attitudes on abortion financing would be not only immoral but also politically impossible, hurting even their constituency. President Biden, who has long backed Hyde, has previously stated that the bill is a balance that protects people’s morality.

However, after changing his mind during the presidential election campaign, Biden submitted a budget that did not include any reference about Hyde. This comes as no shock, seeing as Biden has repeatedly shifted further and further to the left since running for office in 2020.