Adam Kinzinger Sends His Career Down the Drain

"A Conversation on the Middle East with Congressman Adam Kinzinger" by Hudson Institute

There’s not much to say about Adam Kinzinger, other than a few things that won’t exactly pass for an article. This time, he really blew it with his latest attack against former President Trump.

Republican House Rep. Liz Cheney also follows in his footsteps; although her fall from grace is that much more painful since she lost Tuesday’s primary in Wyoming by a major amount.

“A Conversation on the Middle East with Congressman Adam Kinzinger” by Hudson Institute

Kinzinger is really adamant about claiming Trump is to blame for the Afghanistan withdrawal

Together, the two make a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sharing “alternative facts” for the sake of ruining Trump’s image.

Yet, on Monday this week, Kinzinger took things to an entirely new level with claims that Trump was responsible for the Afghanistan disaster of 2021.

Not only did the tweet make Kinzinger sound like some delusional maniac, as it was categorically untrue, but it also helped hundreds of his supporters realize exactly what kind of man he is. This netted him quite the popularity loss.

What Kinzinger also failed to understand is that the former CIA director and Secretary of State under the Biden administration aren’t likely to be swayed from a “hawk” to a “dove” by the former president.

In fact, all the remaining evidence points straight at the Democrat administration that followed and was led by a 79-year-old senile man (Joe Biden) whose every misstep seems to have been forgiven by the left-leaning crowd.

Cold, hard evidence points at Biden as the culprit

According to reports, it was none other than Joe Biden who ignored warnings from his top-ranking generals in Afghanistan.

It was Biden who left the country’s officials and NATO allies at the mercy of the ruthless Taliban that the US spent well over a decade battling.

That’s right, Joe Biden was swayed by political interests. Biden caused what is looked down on as the US military’s most disastrous withdrawal in the organization’s history, leaving no room for shifting the blame onto Trump.

Unfortunately, Adam Kinzinger, a true RINO, remains a stain on the party’s name. It’d be a noble cause for the greater good to have him removed from the roster as soon as possible.

Many Twitter users responded to his tweet criticizing the former president for the disaster he didn’t cause.

They are claiming Kinzinger’s post to have been the most braindead thing they’ve read on the internet in a long time; albeit with no surprise, given who it was coming from.

Funnily enough, Liz Cheney, another avid anti-Trump Republican wasn’t available for comment on the matter. Although many would argue both Kinzinger and Cheney have long been consumed by “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.