Alex Jones Endorses Ron DeSantis Running For President

InfoWars host Alex Jones is up against a lot these days. Weeks ago, Jones was ordered to pay millions in punitive and compensatory damages to the families of children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Jones ultimately landed in legal trouble after he went on his podcast, called the shooting a hoax, and claimed the parents of dead children were simply “crisis actors.”

The InfoWars host has since admitted he was wrong; however, parents still want him to be punished accordingly.

Thus far, Jones still has several more cases coming up that could lead to millions or tens of millions more that he has to pay out to these families. However, the InfoWars host recently made headlines for a different reason, as documented by The Hill.

Jones on the 2024 Presidential Election

Earlier this week, Jones stated his support of Trump in 2016 and 2020 was a means-to-an-end approach to keep Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden from getting into the White House.

However, following this news, Jones said he’s supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a possible candidate in the 2024 election, rather than Trump. The InfoWars host then continued, declaring that DeSantis is “way better” than the former president.

Next, Jones claimed that Trump ought to be more like DeSantis. This arrived around the same time the InfoWars host claimed that when he looks into the Florida governor’s eyes on video, he can tell the latter is sincere.

Before wrapping up his remarks on Trump and DeSantis, Jones also called for the former president to “decouple” himself from favoring the COVID-19 vaccine.

Similar Comments From Other Media Personalities

Alex Jones is far from the first media personality to say DeSantis should run for the White House rather than Trump.

Bill Maher and Piers Morgan have also made similar remarks about the Florida governor. Meanwhile, a new poll came out days ago, showing that amongst Florida Republicans, DeSantis is two points ahead of Trump in a hypothetical 2024 election matchup.

Thus far, DeSantis has not announced that he’s going to run for president in the next election. Nevertheless, he continues to be widely regarded as a possible candidate.

Many DeSantis supporters share the view that it would take very little effort for DeSantis to defeat Biden in a 2024 general election.

Coincidentally, the Florida governor’s repeatedly traded blows with the Biden administration on a series of issues ranging from education to COVID-19 and more.

It also remains to be seen whether or not Trump responds to the latest statements from Alex Jones about DeSantis being “way better” than him.

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.