Alex Jones on the Hook For Paying Tens of Millions in Punitive Damages

InfoWars host Alex Jones is currently in the middle of litigation regarding false claims he made about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

Jones claimed the elementary school massacre was a hoax and even accused parents who lost their children in this massacre of being crisis actors. This eventually led to multiple Sandy Hook parents being harassed by fans of Jones and having to switch residences many times.

Earlier this week, Jones was ordered to pay over $4 million just in compensatory damages to one couple who lost their six-year-old boy during the 2012 shooting. During these legal proceedings, the parents also directly called out Jones for lying.

Then, on Friday, news broke that the InfoWars host will have to pay more than $42 million to Sandy Hook families in punitive damages, per The Blaze.

The Latest on the Alex Jones Trial

In Austin, Texas, the jury overseeing this trial unanimously determined that Jones should pay out $42.5 million to the parents of Sandy Hook victims.

The jury arrived at this amount for punitive damages after the parents pleaded with them to ensure that Jones can never go after victims of crime the way he did years ago.

The jury was also called upon to send a message to anyone else who may be considering following in the footsteps of the InfoWars host. The initial amount that Sandy Hook parents wanted Jones to pay out was $150 million.

Meanwhile, even after the $4.1 million and $42.5 million that Jones has now been ordered to pay, he’s still looking at even more damages.

Thus far, two additional cases against the InfoWars host and his smearing of Sandy Hook parents have to work their way through the legal system.

Debates Over Jones’ Net Worth

Ahead of these rulings, Jones previously purported to be broke, saying that having to pay anything over $2 million would essentially ruin him.

Jones’ InfoWars parent company even filed for bankruptcy recently; however, this has been denounced by his critics as a ploy by Jones to shield his assets.

According to the InfoWars host, he’s struggling and barely getting by as is. Meanwhile, Sandy Hook parents and other critics of Jones claim he’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

This was yet another factor the jury was asked to take into account when determining how much the InfoWars host will ultimately have to pay in damages.

At the rate things are going, if Jones really is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, his net worth will be considerably lower once he’s done paying all the damages he owes with more to come.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.