Alyssa Milano Called Out For Virtue Signaling And Sheep Mentality

It would appear that far left Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano is making an even greater and more amusing attempt to virtue signal at Elon Musk for supporting free speech on Twitter.

She stated that she had purchased an electric Volkswagen in place of the Tesla she had previously had.

Milano Proves She’s a Stupid Sheep

She gave no indication that she was aware of the inherent hypocrisy in her assault on Musk, which consisted of purchasing a vehicle from a corporation that actual Nazis had established.

Volkswagen’s production of automobiles was aided in part by people working in concentration camps and other forms of forced labor.

After the war, Volkswagen was acquired by other companies, but the company has maintained its heritage.

However, the funniest part was that Milano had previously expressed her undying love for Musk, the owner of Tesla, and advocated for electric automobiles.

According to the liberal worldview, that qualifies as a “good” thing that may be accepted. It is consistent with the goals of those on the left on climate change. So, it was “good” to like him.

In his analysis, Musk hit the nail on the head about what the situation was all about.

However, due to the fact that Elon is now the “bad” thing, he is being thrown under the bus, and he is being referred to as “actually Hitler.”

If you do not comply with their desires, your existence will be terminated, and you will be annihilated.

Virtue Signaling At Its Finest

As the actor James Woods pointed out, Milano is maybe the best example of someone who is willing to go along with whatever the most recent “trend” in the liberal movement is.

He suggested that she take some history classes because she didn’t appear to have learned much from her science classes.

Hollywood Hoaxers Need to Back Off

That was in the year 2020. She then stated, in response to the criticism and a great deal of ridicule, that she had a carbon filter hidden inside the crocheted mask, despite the fact that it does not appear that there is anything under it.

However, the carbon filters do not improve their effectiveness against COVID in any way. Just much more ethical signaling.

But, well, at least she was wearing her mask; that’s what really matters! Who cares if it didn’t successfully protect her from the illness she was purportedly wearing it to prevent? The mask is the “thing.”

Afterward, Woods continued by quoting a statement that Elon Musk has subsequently made famous on Twitter: Hand over your $8.

You could bet your bottom dollar that if this “thing” were popular among liberals, she would be all over it in a heartbeat. On the other hand, she would like to have censorship.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.