America to Deploy Troops to Europe?

According to the commander of Sweden’s military services, if the situation between Russia and Ukraine worsens, the US should send more soldiers to Europe to bolster its troops presence.

Ukraine is the Hot Topic

The Swedish leader, Gen. Micael Bydén, talked to Politico on Thursday during a tour to Washington; he met with peers, such as US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

Sweden, as well as surrounding nations, are concerned about Russia’s threats to Ukraine. Vladimir Putin assembled a force of about 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, where Moscow attacked in 2014.

The US and its allies in the region cautioned Putin if he attempts another incursion, he will face harsh sanctions and other consequences. America will not abandon its military assistance to Ukraine.

Democrat President Joe Biden, on the other hand, stated he will not send American soldiers to fight in the current conflict. He believes if the Russia-Ukraine issue worsens, America should send military troops to Europe.

When questioned on if he wanted to see more US soldiers in the area if Russia invaded Ukraine again, Biden said yes. “If the situation deteriorates, I assume it would be beneficial to have a larger footprint,” Biden added.

There are no United States military bases in Sweden

Poland has long wanted to add further American troops to the 5,500 troops it already has, due to a deal signed during Trump’s presidency.

Latvia also requested a larger US deployment, either on a rotating or full-time basis, and stated they will cover some of the costs of making this happen.

Biden refused to say how many additional troops the US should send. He also refused to discuss his conversations with American officials or mention what each side promised the other.

“The Defense Department and the Swedish Ministry of Defense have a long-standing partnership, as reflected in the 2016 Bilateral Declaration of Purpose,” a Pentagon official stated when asked for comment.

“We also have a strong trilateral relationship with Sweden and Finland, both of which are Nordic NATO Expanded Opportunity Partners.”

In the case of a Russian strike against Ukraine, the Swedish military chief underscored that European countries should boost up their own coordination and operations. When asked if Sweden will join NATO, he said it was not in the plans of the present government.

“I think the opportunity would be much stronger if we demonstrate we are capable of taking care of what we should do,” he stated.

“If we demonstrate we are capable of taking care of what we should do, then take the opportunity to get support from [the] US to a larger extent and of more than a larger footprint in Europe, I think the chance would be much better.”