America Turns Red


After squaring off against Democrat state Representative Allison Russo (who President Biden supported in a last-ditch attempt to help her overcome a loss) conservatives hailed GOP Representative-elect Mike Carey’s big victory in Ohio’s 15th congressional seat on Tuesday evening.

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Conservatives take the lead

At 9:31 p.m., NBC News predicted Carey would come out on top. The election results are unsurprising; according to the Cook Report’s Party Voters Index from 2020, the seat is an R+9, which means there are 9 percent more conservatives than any other organization in the area.

Moreover, former GOP Rep. Steve Stiver (who resigned earlier in the year to become president and chief executive officer of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce) carried the congressional seat with more than 63 percent of the popular vote in 2020.

“Big congrats to Mike Carey on a terrific victory in Ohio,” said former President Trump, who supported Carey. “I’m delighted to have been one of his early and vocal supporters. He’ll make a fantastic congressman!”

“Huge congrats to Mike Carey on his win in Ohio’s 15th District,” stated Tom Emmer, head of the National GOP Congressional Committee.

“Democrats’ progressive agenda of cutting funding for the cops, increasing taxes, and supporting the border problem was soundly rejected by Ohio voters. I’m looking forward to working with Mike in Congress,” Emmer said.

“Congrats to Mike Carey on a difficult race and a great win for the citizens of Ohio!” Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the National Republican Committee (RNC), said in a release. “Biden tried to smuggle himself into the contest, but Ohioans slammed his far-left ideology.”

“The National Republican Convention and the Ohio Republican Party’s permanent, information game plan will remain to be a dominating power in Ohio and across the country to achieve Republican wins in the 2022 midterm elections,” McDaniel continued.

“Kudos to @MikeCareyOH15 for winning by a landslide today!” Republican Caucus Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik remarked, “#OH15 elected a committed America First conservative.”

Trump-fever is still here

“I was happy to stand beside Donald Trump in supporting Mike in his primaries, and I hope to work with Mike in government to make the country more rich and free,” she continued.

America is turning red. It’s all Biden’s fault, though. His weak leadership is directly costing the voters dearly and America is punishing Biden for it.

If Biden would grow a backbone and put an end to the many different crises around the nation, perhaps he would stand a chance before the midterms.

Here is the fact: Biden is directly costing the Democrats votes as a result of his ineptitude. What Democrats need to do is follow the advice of the country, grow a spine, and invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.