American Flag Shirt Sparks Brutal Attack, Assailant Faces Multiple Felony Charges

A guy wanted for brutally assaulting a lady over her patriotic clothing has a warrant out for his arrest.

On Tuesday, Paul Peter Jal, 23, appeared in Blue Earth County Court on misdemeanor charges of assault in the 2nd degree with a deadly weapon, assault in the 3rd degree causing significant bodily harm, and violent threats.

Recounts of the Attack

A criminal complaint states at 4:15 a.m. on Tuesday, the police in Mankato received an open-line 911 call featuring a female voice screaming, a male voice, and banging sounds.

When authorities came, they discovered a lady whose face was so bloated that they couldn’t even make out her eyes.

In addition to being completely drenched, the sufferer was bleeding from the nose. Water, shattered plastic, and multiple shattered cell phones were observed by law enforcement.

According to the victim’s account to police, Jal assaulted her because he took offense to the American flag blouse she was wearing.

Jal is accused of choking and punching the woman, ripping a towel rack from the wall and stabbing her with it, and then fleeing the scene. A puncture wound was discovered, according to the police.

Jal is also charged with telling the victim she was going to die and threatening her life. He seized the victim’s mobile phone and smashed it when she dialed 911.

Overheard By Witnesses

According to eyewitnesses, Jal threatened the victim. The phone’s owner informed police that once Jal departed, he hid the towel rack beneath the bed and fled the house. The authorities located the towel rack, but could not find Jal.

Jal faces further misdemeanor charges of property damage and interference with an emergency call.

Jal’s criminal record is extensive; he has been convicted of selling drugs, making threats, and evading police, among other crimes. His arrest has been demanded and a warrant issued.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.