American Public Leading the Charge in Return to Normal Life

"Restaurant Jacobsen" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by tm-md

The public interest in a return back to normal is surging. With about one year since COVID-19 first arose, America knows much more about the virus than we did during this time in 2020.

It’s an established fact that COVID-19 is highly survivable. Furthermore, individuals who are most vulnerable to the virus tend to be older or suffer from chronic health conditions. Americans have furthermore witnessed coronavirus cases and hospitalizations decrease; moreover, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer each have available vaccines for this virus.

“Restaurant tables” (CC BY 2.0) by TChapman9

Public health officials and others have tried their best to police how the American public returns to normal; however, Washington Examiner confirms that the people are the ones leading the charge back to normalcy.

Getting Back to Normal Life

More and more Americans are dining out at restaurants, traveling, and otherwise resuming normal activities. According to the Transportation Security Administration, roughly 1,176,329 individuals per day traveled last week; moreover, airlines are also reporting that a surge in travel numbers is happening.

Additional polling data also shows that many Americans view the COVID-19 pandemic as coming to an end. There’s no doubt that the arrival of multiple vaccinations against this virus has played a role in the optimistic attitudes of numerous Americans. Hence, countless people are visiting their relatives and leisurely shopping at retail stores.

A Legislative Return to Normal

Many governors in red states are also contributing to the return back to normal life. This is evidenced by the rollback of restrictions that impeded upon businesses and the ability for people to go out and about without face masks.

Some people, mainly on the left, are sounding the alarm about getting back to normal too soon. However, the tracking of current trends shows that most people are ready to return to their pre-coronavirus lives.

Americans who disagree with lifting mask mandates have every right to voluntarily wear their masks without an order from the government. Businesses that don’t wish to operate at full capacity are within their rights not to do so, even in spite of the government lifting mandatory capacity restrictions.

Since the inception of COVID-19 government restrictions, many Americans have sounded the alarm about tyranny being ushered in under the guise of public safety.

Are you ready to see life return back to normal? Do you feel comfortable with traveling, dining out, and spending time with friends? Let us get your thoughts in the comments section below.