Americans Look to Vice President Harris for Southern Border Update

"210120-D-WD757-1669" (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Southern border crisis is one of the biggest problems that America presently faces. Migrant women and children at the border are being put in harm’s way as gangs and drug cartels take advantage of the border nightmare.

“210210-D-BN624-1014” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Weeks ago, President Biden announced that Vice President Kamala Harris would be in charge of handling the Southern border. Yet, the border crisis has not changed. In fact, Harris hasn’t even been down to the Southern border. When reporters have questioned the White House about this, the only answers are deflections and distractions from the issues at hand.

As time passes, more and more Americans are looking for answers on the border crisis from Vice President Harris, as Fox News reports.

Radio Silence from the Vice President

The Biden administration continues to take hits for a lack of action to restore the border to its previously peaceful and managed state. In March, when Biden announced that Harris would oversee and manage the crisis at the Southern border, many Americans had their concerns.

These concerns keep growing as Harris has yet to address the public or hold a press conference. With nothing from the vice president, Americans are starting to arrive at their own conclusions. Some Republicans are suggesting that Harris’ radio silence has to do with the Biden administration’s interest in keeping Americans out of the loop.

Other GOP figures have stated that putting Harris in charge of the border ultimately means nothing will change. The vice president herself has not worked to change public perception about this matter at all; in fact, when the media asked Harris if she would visit the Southern border, the vice president’s answer was “not today.”

The Only Viable Solution

As the border crisis worsens, President Biden has openly flirted with the prospect of using U.S. taxpayer dollars to give migrants money. The American public has rightfully criticized this idea as ridiculous, pointless, and wasteful.

Several GOP leaders have stated that it is time for the White House to reinstate policies like the Remain in Mexico policy. Remain in Mexico started under President Trump; when it was in effect, the border was not out of control as it is now.

As the days pass, Americans are still waiting to hear from the Democrat vice president on the Southern border.

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