Andrew Cuomo Still Covers Up COVID Deaths in Care Homes – Don’t Forget

The charges of sexual harassment leveled upon New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo appear to be destined to force him out of office, eventually. However, his cover-up of fatalities at care homes when he authorized them to admit COVID-infected individuals is just as compelling evidence that he should leave.

His Cover-up Persists to This Very Day

Cuomo’s health department failed to file information for 59 of 62 Access to Information Law demands from the Empire Center before the deadline last month; per the health department, they requested extra time. What is Cuomo trying to hide?

Cuomo tried a similar technique last year before the center; many others requested information on COVID fatalities in care homes in the aftermath of Cuomo’s catastrophic care directive.

Cuomo said, at the time, that only 8,500 people died of COVID in care homes and other institutions, and he failed to disclose any pertinent data. The figure was updated to 15,000 after a probe by NY Attorney General Letitia James in January revealed Cuomo concealed thousands of care home deaths and a judge mandated the disclosure of further information.

Bill Hammond of the Empire Center said his organization’s 62 petitions sought precise numbers on tests, admissions, and fatalities, much of which could come from the very same systems used by the Cuomo government for daily progress updates.

Such information should not even have to be asked for; it should be easily accessible. In March, a statement from Reinvent Albany informed the administration that it and the rest of the government have become the custodians, not the proprietors, of publicly available information.

When you collect information that is relevant to New Yorkers’ daily lives, you must make it available electronically and as simple to use as feasible. Cuomo, however, is still concealing his COVID records, hence the government counts only verified, not alleged, COVID deaths.

This allows Cuomo to declare a toll of “just” 43,000 New Yorkers, rather than the 54,000 claimed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cuomo May End Up in Prison

It was bad enough that he treated his 11 sexual harassment victims in such a deplorable manner. However, the nursing-home disaster is believed to have resulted in countless deaths. New Yorkers require the entire story.

The Washington Post discovered that an aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo submitted a civil lawsuit against him in the Albany County Sheriff’s department; she accused him of molesting her as they were taking a selfie next to each other.

The unnamed victim made the most severe charge against the governor in AG James’ investigation; she stated that on Nov. 16, Cuomo grabbed her for an embrace, grabbed beneath her shirt, and groped one of her breasts in the governor’s mansion.

Cuomo molested the woman after inviting her to take photographs in his study at the Executive House on Dec. 31, 2019, according to the woman. Cuomo raised his hand to grasp her buttock and started to touch it for at least five seconds while she was taking the shot, according to the AG investigation.

According to the complaint, the woman was trembling violently during the contact, to the point that the first images she snapped were hazy.