Andy Biggs Announces DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ Impeachment

In light of recent developments at the southern border, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been accused of negligence against his duties, as well as several cases of enabling illegal immigration.

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs stepped forth to shed light on Mayorkas’ actions and made the announcement that he will be filing for impeachment against him.

Mayorkas’ negligence of the border situation nets him a chance for impeachment

According to Biggs, Mayorkas failed to secure our border time and time again. He has even made orders not to deport some immigrants, while re-enabling the incredibly pointless catch-and-release program.

The resolution to impeach Mayorkas has already been backed by 15 House members, although the liberals probably won’t be happy to hear about it.

Lauren Boebert also chimed in on the accusations against Mayorkas, claiming the left has shown zero accountability for the damage they’ve done to the southern border.

On top of this, she clarified the situation has slowly turned into a humanitarian crisis, as 750 dead bodies of immigrants were found at the border in 2022 alone, likely caused by mass immigration at spots where the border isn’t secured.

New York Congresswoman Claudie Tenney joined in on the criticism by stating that almost every state in the US had become a “border state,” due to the federal government constantly flying out immigrants to regional airports and self-proclaimed sanctuary cities across the country.

Mayorkas’ second time on the chopping block

This wasn’t the first time Biggs filed an impeachment against Mayorkas. He’d previously done it in August of 2021 when Mayorkas was refusing to control the border and allowed thousands of immigrants to enter the US illegally.

At the time, the COVID-19 pandemic was still in full swing. Releasing illegal aliens into the country was one of the dumbest moves possible; it exposed Americans to immense amounts of risk for no reason.

Before he’d become House Speaker, then-Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned Mayorkas that he’d be facing impeachment if he doesn’t publicly resign on his own, adding his work at the DHS led up to the biggest wave of illegal immigration in US history.

Pat Fallon, a Texas Congressman, filed an impeachment against Mayorkas this year on January 9th, stating both he and his office are guilty of a variety of crimes and misdemeanors.

Mayorkas’ actions have created at least 150k illegal crossings in the past 20 months; the damage this has done to border security will only cause this number to go up in the coming years.

The amount of fentanyl that entered the US in the past two months is greater than what was smuggled into the country for the entirety of Trump’s term in office. While Fallon’s resolution is yet to be voted on, it’s probably going to get a lot of support from the few still willing to fight for this country.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.