Another Dave Chapelle Show Gets Cancelled Due to Radical Left

Comedian Dave Chappelle isn’t even a conservative, but he’s had to face the physical violence of the far left. Several months ago, a deranged man even tried to stab him onstage in LA.

Chappelle also faced controversy when his Netflix special, The Closer, included several jokes about transgender people that offended some Netflix employees and viewers.

Well, the comedian is back on the circuit and looking to tell his jokes and offend more people, but he’s running into more problems. Specifically, he’s having to cancel shows, due to violent threats.

Welcome to the “tolerant” left who loves black Americans, supposedly.

Chappelle Cancels Show

Chappelle was scheduled for a show at the First Avenue Theater, which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, only with a very short amount of time before the show, the theater cancelled it.

They said it’s because even though they respect his “artistic freedom,” they felt that it wasn’t safe to bring Chappelle there to tell his jokes.

Minneapolis has been a hotbed of racial strife and the far left, even leading efforts to defund the police and mixed up with very shady characters, such as anti-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Fake Americans like Omar and her cadre want to push around FBAs (Foundational Black Americans) who built this country, spew racist bile at them, and cancel them in order to protect somebody’s feelings?

This is the country we now live in? Though we are supposed to believe this is because this far-left joke theater supports “diversity?” What a laugh and a half.

Banned From Lyft

Earlier in the week, Chappelle was also informed he’s been banned from Lyft taxi services.

So, in a country where crime is out of control and our economy is being flushed down the crapper by a dictatorial senile old man, we’re focused on a comedian who some fringe academics and mentally ill young people find offensive?

This is truly the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The attempted cancellation of Dave Chappelle, who I personally do not even find very funny, is an egregious stain on our country. It is a marker of just how far down we have fallen in worship at the feet of the crazed socialist left.

The Bottom Line

Woke America is depressing, racist, and boring. It doesn’t even allow comedians to offend someone, which is kind of one of the big things that comedians do.

The woke left wants to control everyone, especially black Americans, and they want to say they’re doing it to protect minorities and people with diverse identities.

It’s all a complete crock of crap. The more that this kind of thing becomes normalized, the more the greatness of America is tarnished and harmed.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.