Another Lie from the Biden Administration


President Joe Biden stated incorrectly last week that those who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine are unable to propagate the virus.

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An Unvaccinated Epidemic Spread by the Vaccinated – Huh?

“This is an unvaccinated epidemic. The ignorant, not the vaccinated. That is the issue. Everyone speaks about not having to take a shot or a test,” Biden remarked.

“Well, let me tell you something. What do you think about patriotism? Why don’t you get yourself vaccinated so you don’t spread the sickness to others? What do you think about that? What’s the big deal,” Biden demanded.

The president was speaking to WHIO-TV, a television station in Ohio. Biden made a similar assertion in a different interview with WOIO-TV, another station in the state.

“Those who aren’t immunized are the ones who keep the diseases spreading,” Biden remarked. He subsequently added that people should get immunized “so you don’t share anything else.”

“Vaccinated persons can still become sick and have the ability to spread the virus to others, albeit at far lower rates than unvaccinated individuals,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose head is on the White House COVID-19 committee.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director, remarked on CNN during the summer that “our immunizations are functioning exceptionally well.”

“They’re still working well with ‘Delta’ in terms of severe disease and mortality, but they can’t prevent transmission any longer.”

Immunization failed to fully prevent ‘breakthrough’ infections, permitting ongoing spread to other persons, even when the vaccine avoids severe and deadly disease, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key adviser to the president.

“The period of vaccine ability to inhibit COVID-19, reducing symptom severity, reducing the chance of dying (and the potency of the vaccine to avoid disease transmission by all those inoculated is not known today)” the Biden government said in its healthcare worker COVID-19 vaccine requirement last month.

Requests for comment from the White House and the CDC were not returned.
GOP Senator Ron Johnson, among others, slammed Biden’s remarks.

The Media is Silent

“When will the media is calling out Biden’s BIG LIE? Even if you’re completely immunized, you may still get sick and transmit COVID-19?” Johnson took to Twitter to express himself.

“Biden is distributing false information about COVID. Vaccinated people can and do transfer the disease,” according to radio presenter Buck Sexton.

The fraudulent statements were made after Twitter revised its guidelines for COVID-19-related tweets. A Twitter feed dedicated to medical disinformation was updated earlier this month, according to an archive of the page.

The program may now apply tags to tweets containing “misleading or false assertions that people who received the vaccination can distribute or shed the vaccine (or symptoms, or immunity) to unprotected people,” according to the page.

A request for comment from Twitter was not immediately returned.