Another Tragic Death Comes as a Result of Biden’s Afghanistan Betrayal

In the summer of 2021, Joe Biden suddenly decided to pull all troops out of Afghanistan.

Of course, this had been the plan all along under President Trump. Though the difference is Trump had a plan, including extremely swift and severe pushback if the Taliban tried anything.

He also had a staggered withdrawal plan, leaving US assets and air support in place as the bulk of our forces drew down.

Biden scrapped all that, despite warnings from the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the Afghani Air Force was in disarray and wouldn’t be able to fight.

Biden’s Afghanistan Betrayal

Biden and his woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin pulled out of the main base at Bagram and simply crammed everyone onto planes to get home.

The result was a horrific disaster and the collapse of the Afghani government in three days as the Taliban took back over.

Thousands of Americans were trapped behind enemy lines. Many Afghani civilians and allies were also left stranded as people swarmed Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul trying to get away.

Tragically, 13 of our troops were blown up by an ISIS-associated terrorist group as they tried to protect innocent people getting onto transport planes and leaving Afghanistan.

The nation mourned to hear of these young lives lost, including Lieutenant Corporal Kareem Nikoui from southern California.

His death hit his family so hard; although they were also deeply proud of his love of being a United States Marine and serving this nation.

His mom, Shana Chappell, became known since his death for her proud patriotism and for calling out the lies and cowardice of Joe Biden.

Now, sadly, Chappell has suffered another devastating loss. Her other son, Dakota, has taken his own life, devastated by missing his brother Kareem.

Brother Takes His Life on One-Year Anniversary of Nikoui’s Death

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Shana talked about the loss of her son Dakota and how he couldn’t take it anymore. He’d been saying a lot about how he didn’t want to live life, but she hadn’t realized he was truly feeling suicidal.

On the one-year anniversary of Kareem’s death, he took his own life. Calling Dakota “amazing,” Shana said she is still in shock and he had a “heart of gold.”

Despite having some big life challenges and wrong steps, Dakota was getting things back in order, but the death of Kareem just hit him too hard.

He didn’t make it, killing himself at the memorial to his brother in their hometown in Norco, California. She ended her post with an appeal to suicide awareness and always paying attention to the wellbeing of your loved ones.

The Bottom Line

Rest in peace, Dakota and Kareem. Biden’s shameful Afghanistan betrayal is still taking lives. Let’s never forget the heroes who died for us.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.