Anti-Police Riots Spell Bad News for COVID-19 Testing

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For almost three weeks, riots and protests have scourged the streets and cities of America.

Originally, demonstrators professed that their actions were designed to commemorate and bring attention to the death of George Floyd; however, this turned out to be a smokescreen for the radical left’s true intentions.

Violence, anarchy, looting, and calls to defund police each comprise the elements of demonstrations happening in America. This stopped being about the death of George Floyd when agitators broke into stores, set cars ablaze, and torched monuments.

Many Americans have wondered just how demonstrations of this nature will impact coronavirus. Now, it looks like there may be some answers. According to coronavirus task force Dr. Deborah Birx, the violence and gatherings in the streets are having adverse impacts on testing for COVID-19, reports Townhall.

The Current Status of Coronavirus Testing in America

Per Dr. Birx, positive COVID-19 cases are surging in states like Arizona, California, and North Carolina.

The doctor also explained that a lack of social distancing and mask-wearing, combined with large gatherings is the perfect breeding ground for higher transmission rates. Birx’s note of “higher risk groups” being out and about during demonstrations only further contributes to the present problem at hand.

Looting, too, has negatively impacted coronavirus testing in the nation. CVS stores and other pharmacies have been some of the hardest-hit businesses, thanks to looters. This, in turn, means that many tests for coronavirus were ultimately destroyed as rioters tore their way through these businesses.

Finally, Birx explained that some of the communities most in need of COVID-19 testing are ones that ultimately succumbed to looting, destruction, and chaos.

Do you believe the demonstrations across the nation will continue to adversely impact testing capabilities for COVID-19? How do you think these gatherings will affect the transmission of coronavirus? Let us know in the comments section below!