Anti-White Racism Needs to Start Being Taken Seriously

It’s common to report a lot of cases of racism here. You must have read about black people who have suffered attacks from white people.

Though what about anti-white attacks and racism committed by black people? It’s politically incorrect to report, but it’s happening every day; it’s happening way too much.

Attacks by blacks against Asians, whites, and Jews invalidate the thesis that there is no black-led racism because of the oppression to which black Americans were historically subjected.

Under the cover of anti-racist discourse, the left and the black supremacist movement are creating a hostile climate and furthering division. The latest disturbing example comes out of Queens, New York.

Vicious Anti-White Attack in Queens

Everyone knows there’s white-led anti-black racism. As for black anti-white racism, hardly anyone cares and the mainstream media turns a blind eye to it.

However, whoever observes the racial scene of the world sees that black racism is a fact. Racism ruins life; being black doesn’t mean you can do anything you want to other people.

The recent brutal murder of Orthodox Jew Aryeh Wolf in Washington, DC while he was installing solar panels is just one horrific example.

Recently an anti-white attack case in Queens has also drawn the attention of the public because, for once, it’s actually being properly investigated as a hate crime.

According to the New York Police Hate Crimes Task Force, this was a racist anti-white crime.

What happened is that on July 9, a white woman, 57, named Jill Lecroix took a bus in Queens. She was approached by three black teenagers taunting her race and hitting her in the head.

Anti-Trump, Anti-White Insanity

While striking LeCroix’s head, with blunt objects, the teenagers were reportedly shrieking that they hated white people, they hated Trump, and this innocent woman would pay for the supposed crimes of all whites.

All this happened last month, but is now being prosecuted as a hate crime. LeCroix was taken to a local hospital, where she received treatment for her head injuries, and stitches were needed.

Two teenagers, one 15 and one 16 years old, were identified and arrested weeks after the crime.

This week, the NYPD managed to arrest another 19-year-old who was also part of the crime against LeCroix.

According to authorities, the teens are being charged with hate crimes, as well as the charges arising from the beating itself.

Why This Matters

Being charged for anti-white racism is a very rare thing to see in America, but it’s actually fully logical.

If we’re going to be so focused on anti-black and anti-minority racism, it’s time to get serious about anti-white racism, too.

LeCroix was the only white-skinned passenger; the motivation for the crime was based only on the color of her skin. She was blamed for the supposed wrongdoing of “all” white people.

That’s racism. That’s wrong. These teens need to be punished for their hate-filled actions.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.