Antifa Celebrates Violent Attack on Native American Coffee Shop

(Social media video snapshot)

After what seemed to be an act of vandalism on an Indigenous-owned cafe in Portland, Oregon, Antifa surprised everyone when they decided to celebrate the attack. The cafe was set to host a “coffee with a cop” event.

At around 3 PM this Wednesday, six masked individuals entered the Bison Coffeehouse armed with hammers, causing thousands of dollars in property damages. They sprayed the entire establishment with paint and a fire extinguisher.

“Antifa” by Chad Davis

“Woke” vandalism

The store owner was contacted immediately after the heinous attack, finding only bits of shattered glass and a squad of police cars parked outside, with the perpetrators nowhere to be seen.

Loretta Guzman, the owner, told the news outlets reporting on the story that she couldn’t fathom why someone would do this. She claimed it was obvious the attack was planned from the moment they’d announced the community event.

This was made evident by the massive number of deranged, angry responses to her Twitter post announcing the event. Some even sent death threats directly to Guzman over what was supposed to be an event to unite the community.

Loretta’s only intentions were to have the locals reach out to the police, bringing their questions and concerns to the table. This was a reasonable proposal that just didn’t sit right with the group infamous for not accepting common sense and reason.

Antifa commits a hate crime

The majority of the store was misted by spraypaint.

Chemicals from the fire extinguishers caused damage to the Native American art and animal skins displayed on the wall, all of it made worse by the fact Guzman is a legitimate member of the Shoshone-Bannock tribe.

This means the “woke” mob, which is so adamant about protecting the BIPOC community, orchestrated an attack on one of their own, practically walking over the “convictions” the group has fought for over the past two years.

While the attack only lasted for a couple of minutes, the entirety of the shop was left covered in white residue from the fire extinguisher. Loretta is currently forced to raise money on crowdfunding platforms to cover the extensive repair costs.

Thankfully, the Portland Police Bureau didn’t cave to these petty criminals.

It turns out PPBs spokesperson Sgt. Kevin Allen claims they will continue to work closely with the community on addressing any issues and safety concerns they have.

The act was also condemned by Portland’s left-wing Mayor Ted Wheeler, who demanded the vandals involved be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This could potentially include federal hate crime charges.

As expected, the out-of-touch group responded immediately, stating “windows can not be attacked,” as if to justify their heinous actions against this Indigenous-owned business.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.