Antifa Gangsters Beat Up Americans Seeking to ‘Refund the Police’

(Social media footage snapshot shows Antifa thugs attackig in Portland, Oregon)

As far-left extremists have come to dominate US Congress and federal government through the Biden administration, it is hardly surprising that Antifa is out in the streets, viciously attacking and terrorizing freedom-loving, law-abiding Americans.

Antifa Criminals Are Truly Mad Now

The evil organization of far-left “activists” has committed a new harrowing crime. It assaulted pro-police, conservative, Republican demonstrators in Portland, Oregon over the weekend.

Clad in their well-known black attire, the Antifa thugs used smoke bombs, rocks, fireworks, and weapons as they charged at a rally of Republican voters supporting a candidate for governor of Oregon, The Daily Mail reported.

Their attack on the GOP rally in Portland was particularly fierce as the demonstrators also supported policies to “Re-fund the Police”.

Social media videos from Saturday’s Republican rally in Portland showed the black-clad Antifa mobsters targeting the demonstrators, whose group had both children and elderly people.

The Republican Party supporters could be heard chanting in favor of “funding the police,” as they are sick and tired of all the “crime and mayhem” caused by leftist extremists.

One of the social media videos clearly showed a group of about 15 Antifa thugs throwing rocks and smoke bombs at the conservative crowd.

The Portland Police Department later put out a statement, saying that “no arrests have been made,” even as two Republican protesters had tangible injuries as a result of the assault.

(Social media footage snapshot shows Antifa thugs attacking in Portland, Oregon)

‘Culture of Criminality Festering’ on the West Coast

The Republican rally in question was there to support Stan Pulliam, the mayor of the town of Sandy, Oregon, who is running for the GOP nomination for governor.

Pulliam is particularly infuriating to the Antifa gangs, who thrive on, expand, and enjoy the very lawlessness that they and their Democrat allies have created in the first place.

He is campaigning for tripling the ranks of the Oregon State Police and also using the Oregon National Guard to crush far-left violence plaguing the streets of that once-great American city.

In his campaign messages, Pulliam lashed out against the “culture of criminality allowed to fester” in his state’s large, leftist-run cities.

Hours before the attack on the Pulliam rally in Portland, on Friday night, another incident saw Antifa criminals occupy an overpass and use that position to shower People’s Convoy truckers with rocks.

According to the Portland PD, at least 205 heavy objects were thrown at the pro-freedom, pro-Republican auto convoy.

In one of the most harrowing testimonies of the skyrocketing crime rates in Portland, Oregon, last year, the city broke its homicide record from 1987.

The rise in violent deaths was tremendous as back in 1987, the previous record-holding year, there were 66 murders in the city of Portland, while in 2021, the number was 91.

Back in 2020, the city of Portland defunded $15 million from its own police force. In 2021, already seeing the terrifying effect of the move, $5.2 million of that money was added back.