Are We About to Witness a Coordinated Attack on the West?

Since the Biden administration took office, one thing has been abundantly clear: the sheriff is no longer in town.

With almost sudden force, China began ramping up its military aggression towards Taiwan in the South Pacific. Meanwhile, Russia turned up the heat on the borders of Eastern Europe.

When America Leads, the World Follows

How is it possible a simple administration switch carries such weight on the global geopolitical stage? It’s all about the attitude and temperament of the president and his team.

If Biden were to come out of the gates with a hard line against any and all aggression towards America’s allies and partners, the adversaries we face would know where they stand.

For example, Donald Trump threatened to absolutely destroy North Korea, should they continue with their aggression.

You see, North Korea backed down because they knew where they stood. They knew where the line was. Aggression meant destruction.

Under Joe Biden, there has been no such statement of strength. Instead, America’s enemies must find that line by pushing the boundaries. One must never make the mistake of believing passive leadership is the cause for peace in the 21st century.

A strong America with a bold leader overseas global peace. Let me explain that. In the build-up to the second world war, Britain, the sole superpower in the world, adopted a policy of appeasement towards Nazi Germany.

The flawed idea was, if you give Hitler what he wants, he will stop his military aggression. As we know looking back with hindsight, this did not work. It simply gave the dictator the freedom to expand his empire, and when intervention came, it was too little too late.

Peace Through Strength

It is clear this approach does not work. The West needs to be bold and assertive in the pursuit of peace and freedom.

The consequences of violating these terms need to be real and deadly. Any path that rewards aggression will only lead to a repeat of the early 20th century or worse.

So, here is the warning: if the United States is to prevent a war on two fronts with China and Russia, we need to stamp our foot down hard, and preferably without delay.

Who knows what will spark the next conflict? Could it be a Chinese military incursion into Taiwan’s airspace that results in escalating air war? Or will the Russians, emboldened by Biden’s passive foreign policy, invade Ukraine with the massive tank army it massed on the border?

We need to make sure we choose a president who understands this all too important dynamic. America needs a leader who refuses to make the grave mistakes of the past.

We also need a policy that highlights America’s military power as the dominating reason we’ve had almost a century without conflict between major powers.