Arizona Goes It Alone, Starts Building Makeshift Wall on US-Mexican Border

(Gov. Doug Ducey on Twitter)

The state of Arizona has decided to go it alone and start building a “makeshift wall” on the US border with Mexico in order to stop the tsunami of illegal immigrants.

With Biden’s blessing, they are inundating the nation and border states especially.

Recent DHS Announcement Has Come to Nothing

On his first day in office, Sleepy Joe terminated the construction of the border wall initiated by President Trump, an ominous move which boded badly for the good people of the United States.

Arizona, run by Republican Governor Doug Ducey, is one of the four states bordering Mexico. Its Yuma sector is the third most frequented by illegal immigrants – after the Rio Grande Valley sector and the Del Rio sector in Texas.

Recent reports said the Biden administration is actually going to resume the construction of Trump’s border wall with $2 billion left in unused funding previously approved by Congress during the Trump presidency.

However, it appears even those plans remain uncertain and with an unknown deadline. The state of Arizona, under Gov. Doug Doucey, is now moving to act on its own for the 370-mile section of the US-Mexican border that falls in the state.

(Gov. Doug Ducey on Twitter)

Biden’s ‘Dereliction of Duty’

Posting a series of tweets on Friday, Ducey announced the state is starting to build a makeshift wall to fill in the gaps in the Yuma sector by using shipping containers with barbed wire on top.

In his words, the state is going to use giant shipping containers in order to plug a 1,000-foot-long gap in the existing parts of the border wall near Yuma in Southern Arizona.

Ducey blasted the “lack of urgency” on part of the Biden administration regarding the closing of the Yuma wall gaps as “dereliction of duty.”

In his tweets, Arizona GOP Governor Doug Ducey complained over the past couple of years, his state made all sorts of efforts to convince the Biden administration to tackle the invasion of the US by hordes of illegals, but to no avail.

He also argued state authorities have been stepping up “time and again” to “clean up the mess” caused by Democrats running the federal government.

Thus, as of Friday, state contractors have started the construction of the makeshift border wall by stacking two 60-foot containers on top of one another.

Those will form an 18-foot-tall wall, to be topped with another four feet of razor wire, according to Ducey’s deputy chief of staff, Katie Ratlief.

The makeshift border wall in question is supposed to be completed within days; it is supposed to plug three border wall gaps with a combined total length of 3,000 feet.

CBP spokesman John Mennell told The Daily Mail the agency could not comment on Arizona’s move since it just learned about it.

The effort is going to cost $6 million out of a total of $335 million in border fencing funding approved by the Arizona legislature back in June.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.