Arizona Governor Candidate to Declare War on Illegal Immigrants

The Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate of Arizona, Kari Lake, is aiming to aggressively tackle illegal immigration at the southern border if she is elected as governor of Arizona in November.

Currently, Arizona and Texas are the two most vulnerable states facing the consequences of the open border policy of the Biden administration.

Pro-Trump Candidate Vows to Protect Southern Border

After winning the GOP nomination for governor earlier this month, Lake is headed to the November elections in a state which is heavily impacted by illegal immigration.

According to the latest statistics, the Yuma sector of Arizona reported a 242% rise in border encounters so far in this fiscal year.

Amid these crises, Lake insisted she will declare an invasion on the southern border after assuming power, which will give some extraordinary powers to the governor.

Speaking to Fox News, Lake argued the southern border is facing the biggest invasion since the independence of America; so the state of Arizona needs to tackle the situation urgently.

According to Lake, she will defend the southern border under the powers given in Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution. This suggests states can defend their own borders, without the prior approval of Congress, in case of invasion.

US Southern Border Under Attack

The idea of declaring an invasion on the Arizona border is not new.

Former director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Russ Vought, previously asked governors of border states to use their powers to declare invasion in their states.

Vought stated Americans should be excited that Lake is committed to safeguarding the US border beginning on her first day in the office.

Likewise, Vought claimed it is the responsibility of every governor to protect their part of the border at a time when the Biden administration is trying to pursue its open border policy.

Meanwhile, Arizona Attorney General Mark Bronovich already issued his legal opinion, according to which illegal immigration can easily be called an invasion since the definition of the term “invasion” is not limited to an attack by a foreign government.

Although some county officials in Texas issued their own declaration of invasion against illegal immigration. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is leading the nationwide movement to combat illegal immigration, has not issued a formal statewide declaration yet.

So, if Lake is elected, she will be the first governor in history to declare war against illegal immigration.

Apart from the declaration, Lake is also aiming to work with like-minded states to minimize illegal immigration, which is equally dangerous for all the bordering states of Mexico.

She is also expected to create a combined border force with Texas, which will be responsible for stopping the rising wave of illegal immigration.

Furthermore, Lake insisted she will veto any budget which does not contain funding for the border wall, adding she will also increase the presence of the National Guard at the southern border.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.