Arizona Revolutionizes Schooling

Last week, Arizona’s senators enacted a groundbreaking bill that will provide the state’s 1.1 million children access to schools of their choosing from kindergarten through graduation from high school.

What’s Happening?

Every household in the Grand Canyon region will be qualified for the 2011 Empowerment Scholarships Account (ESA) program. This was primarily created for disabled, veteran, or failed students, underneath the new measure, HB2853.

The program offers households tuition grants of $6,500 annually per child for private, homeschooled, or learning pods. They have become more and more well-liked around the country in recent years as a result of COVID shutdowns, mandates, and woke dogma.

It ensures all students in Arizona, regardless of whether they attended a public, private, or home school, will have the chance to enroll in the ESA system and earn their fair share of state funds to pursue whatever educational opportunities best suit their needs.

The ESA program was started by Goldwater more than ten years ago. According to him, it now serves more than 10,000 students, up from just 100 at the time.

Many families, according to the organization, make yearly financial sacrifices to pay for private school fees or homeschool supplies.

However, regardless of their wealth, those same families are able to enroll their kids in public schools, which run taxpayers over $10,000 annually.

In his state address early this year, Gov. Doug Ducey (R) urged lawmakers to “dream big” for Arizona families when it comes to their kids’ lives.

“Let’s increase school choice this session in whatever manner we can,” Ducey stated. “I’ll sign the bills if you send them to me.”

The Future

“In Arizona, we trust families to make the right decisions for their kids’ lives, he wrote on Wednesday.”

In an interview with Fox Television on Sunday, Corey DeAngelis, a senior researcher who advocates for American Federation for Children, referred to the bill as “the largest triumph when it comes to class choice in U.S. history.”

Arizona established itself as the premier state for educational independence and support of parental rights, according to DeAngelis. It is currently the gold standard for charter schools.

“Every state should act in this manner and they should do so by following Governor Ducey’s example.”

DeAngelis said Republicans in Arizona “proved it,” contrary to claims made around the country that they are the government of parents.

The school choice research project will serve as just another prototype for other states to follow in order to observe how the Constitution’s initial design functions without federal oversight.

This is similar to the recent controversy surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, which converted abortion rights to the states.

The teachers’ unions in Arizona claim placing money back in parents’ pockets would result in a defunding of the public education system.