Arkansas Governor Warns About “Cost” of Getting Trump’s Endorsement

For quite some time, it’s been said that the endorsement of former President Trump is the golden goose that Republicans need to win elections. Though if this past midterms cycle proved anything, it’s that this theory is now inaccurate.

Across the nation, GOP candidates endorsed by Trump for various offices lost their elections. Herschel Walker in Georgia is the latest example.

Before Walker’s campaign for Georgia Senate flopped, Kari Lake, Tudor Dixon, and Doug Mastriano lost their gubernatorial elections in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Many other Trump endorsees also learned the hard way that the former president’s endorsement wouldn’t be enough to take them across the finish line.

Now, Arkansas GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson is sending out a critical warning about the Trump endorsement, as reported by Washington Examiner.

The Dark Truth About the Trump Endorsement

During a recent CNN interview, Hutchinson warned all that glitters isn’t gold when it comes to Trump giving various candidates his stamp of approval.

The Arkansas governor explained this year’s midterms demonstrated a “cost” comes along with getting backed by Trump. Hutchinson, on the other hand, said GOP candidates who focused on “commonsense conservative values,” rather than Trump, won their elections.

One example of this is Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. Despite multiple attacks from Trump, Kemp managed to survive a primary challenge and ultimately secure reelection.

The Arkansas governor also told CNN that he believes fewer Republicans are of the view that getting Trump’s support is the golden ticket to victory.

A Bad Turn of Events For Trump

Hutchinson’s warning about the Trump endorsement comes during the same week of Herschel Walker losing his runoff race. As a result of this loss, Democrats are now going to have 51 Senate seats, rather than 50.

This latest development comes as the former president has already been in the hot seat for his ties to Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, along with his advocacy for terminating the US Constitution.

Even before the loss of Walker, growing numbers of Republicans were already starting to sour on Trump and turn to alternatives. Right now, the leader of the moment appears to be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

As Trump faces various scandals and political problems, DeSantis is staying squeaky clean and focusing on Florida. Some in the conservative movement are now stating the Florida governor is the best candidate to represent the GOP going forward and take on Biden in a general election.

Certain polls have DeSantis slightly beating Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup; whereas a Trump vs. Biden redo has the current president once again defeating his predecessor.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.