Arkansas’ Statewide Mask Mandate May Soon Be Gone

"Gov. Asa Hutchinson" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by myARDOT

As the coronavirus vaccine rolls out, support for lifting COVID-19 restrictions is growing. Americans are ready to get back to their jobs and lives; they’re also ready to be able to send their kids back into classrooms for a proper education.

During this week alone, the GOP governors of Texas and Mississippi lifted their statewide mask mandates; this came in addition to both Republican governors removing capacity restrictions on businesses in their states. Conservatives largely backed these measures, while Democrats threw a fit.

“Arkansas National Guardsmen unload trail” (Public Domain) by The Arkansas National Guard

It turns out that Texans and Mississippians aren’t the only ones getting emancipated from coronavirus restrictions. According to Breitbart News, Arkansas may too be doing away with its statewide mask mandate later this month.

No More Mask Mandate in Arkansas?

Last week, Governor Asa Hutchinson lifted a significant amount of coronavirus-related business restrictions. This means that Arkansas establishments now have the green light to operate at full capacity if they so choose.

Governor Hutchinson’s communications director,┬áKatie Beck, confirmed this week that the mask mandate could go next. According to Beck, the mandate is set to remain in effect through the 31st; however, at that point, the Republican governor will re-evaluate whether to re-issue the order or simply let it expire.

The determining factors in this decision will include the rates of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. Towards the end of February, the Arkansas Department of Health confirmed that the state is making headway on driving down COVID-19 infections altogether.

The Beginning of the End of Mask Mandates?

With the presence of a coronavirus vaccine, mask mandates appear to be coming to a gradual end. After Texas announced its removal of the statewide mask mandate, Mississippi followed suit.

Other Republican governors are now being called upon to do away with both controversial restrictions against businesses and mandatory mask orders. Critics of these measures note that ending mandates does not bar individuals and businesses from making their own decisions on masks and capacity limits.

With just about one year since all of the coronavirus mania began, more Americans than some people might think are ready for a return to normalcy. Striking down mask mandates and lifting capacity limitations on businesses are hence welcome steps towards getting back to normal.

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