Ban on Gender Transitions for Kids Nearly Completed in Tennessee

A bill to ban the gender transition and transgenderism procedures of minors passed with an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives of Tennessee, with all that’s left is for the state’s Republican governor to sign it.

All-Out Ban on Transgenderism ‘for Teens’

The bill to prohibit what Marxist-Communists nauseatingly call “gender-affirming care” in the state of Tennessee was passed 77-16 by the state House.

The votes approving the draft law came from the Republican majority in the chamber, but three Democrats also sided with their GOP colleagues, AP reported.

The bill is now heading for signature to the desk of Tennessee’s Republican Governor, Bill Lee, who made it clear he will sign it into law.

The Tennessee bill will prevent minors from receiving surgical procedures, hormone therapies, or hormone blockers for the purpose of “transitioning” to a different “gender.”

Once it is signed, the law will require all minors who are already “transitioning” to terminate their medical procedures to that end by March 2024, i.e., within one year.

The Tennessee legislation will also empower people who were given transgender treatments as minors to sue their parents (guardians) and physicians who authorized the “gender-affirming care.”

A report by The Tennessean noted the bill originally included a section categorizing parental approval of child gender transitioning as child abuse or neglect. However, that was removed during committee discussions.

Extreme Transgenderists Claim Tennessee Politicians Are ‘Radical’

The bill in Tennessee, informally known as House Bill 1, has sent all types of progressivist lefties into fits of rage and despair, judging from the various reactions expressed on social media platforms.

Thus, the American Civil Liberties Union declared it had plans to sue the state of Tennessee if its Republican governor signs the bill into law.

The ACLU staff attorney, Lucas Cameron-Vaughn, declared “all Tennesseans” deserve to have such healthcare which they might need in order to “survive and thrive.”

State Rep. Bo Mitchell (D-Nashville) complained that Republicans were “unfairly targeting transgender children.” He threatened them that the state of Tennessee would have to “answer in court” for its anti-transgenderism legislation.

The bill was drafted after last year a public scandal erupted over “transitioning” procedures performed on minors by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Particularly outraged by the Tennessee legislation seemed to be the Human Rights Campaign, which bills itself as the largest US nonprofit fighting for LGBT rights.

A statement by Cathryn Oakley, the HRC Senior Counsel, declared that “radical politicians” in the state of Tennessee were waging a “war against” the LGBT community and “especially against transgender kids.”

Oakley complained that Tennessee had introduced more anti-transgenderism legislation than any of the 50 states and that the “fundamental rights” of LGBT people had been under attack there for almost a decade.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.