Bernie Sanders: Billionaires “Shouldn’t Exist!”

Progressives regularly take heat for making statements and promoting policies which are counterproductive to success and prosperity in America. This particular wing of the Democrat Party claims that their interests lie in helping the poor and disadvantaged; however, what the progressive agenda truly encompasses is penalizing success and taxing success out of existence. Progressives won’t outrightly admit this, but their policies and statements speak louder than rebuttals to censure.

2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders is a prime example of why the progressive agenda is inherently problematic and antagonistic to American prosperity. Aside from championing policies which would raise taxes and increase the government’s power in individuals’ lives, Sanders believes that billionaires should “not exist.”

These are Sanders’ precise words and earlier this week, he released a plan which outrightly states that “extreme wealth” will be taxed, as documented by Fox News.

A Closer Look at Sanders’ Wealth Tax Plan

Like many progressives, Sanders fails to realize that you cannot tax a nation into prosperity. Sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money. Per Sanders’ own admission, his wealth tax plan involve taxing individuals whose net worths reside between $32 million dollars and $10 billion dollars; this tax would come simply because these individuals are financially successful and well-off.

Of course, Sanders maintains that his plan will “substantially break up the concentration of wealth and power of this small, privileged class.” The 2020 Democrat furthermore declared that he’ll use the extreme taxes on the wealthy in order to fund programs like Housing-for-All, Medicare-for-All, etc.

Of course, hitting the wealthy with taxes is always the go-to plan whenever progressive candidates like Sanders put forth outrageously expensive proposals.

The Flaws of Progressives’ Anti-American Attitudes Towards Wealth

The hostility which progressives harbor towards wealth, success, and people who have done well for themselves in this country is astonishing. The left claims that they want to help working people, but what happens when the people who they want to help start a business, invent something, and rise to become millionaires or billionaires?

This was once regarded as the American Dream; now, it’s something which progressives are attempting to vilify as evil. Wealthy folks are not responsible for the plights of poor folks. In the United States of America, people have the power to work their way up and gain access to upward mobility; there are countless individuals who have started with nothing and risen to the top.

Success is not evil. “Extreme wealth” is not evil. Weaponizing the government to steal from individuals who have done well for themselves IS evil.

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