Bernie Sanders Spills on Whether He’ll Run for President Again

"Bernie Sanders" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Socialist Bernie Sanders, 78, has run two failed campaigns to become president of the United States.

Both times, Sanders based his campaign on far-left, socialist values such as Medicare-for-All, Housing-for-All, and even “free” high-speed internet access. The entirety of the Vermont senator’s presidential runs entailed him competing against — and subsequently endorsing — the various establishment figureheads he claimed to oppose.


On Monday, Sanders sat down for a Washington Post interview to discuss whether or not he’ll ever try a third presidential run, according to Breitbart News.

Sanders on the Possibility of Running for President Yet Again

During his sit-down with Washington Post, the socialist professed that the odds of him ever seeking the presidency again are “very, very slim.” Shortly thereafter, Sanders followed up, stating that “the progressive banner” will rest in the hands of a different candidate during the 2024 election cycle.

Of course, the twice-failed presidential candidate did not hesitate to go after President Trump during this interview. After addressing the prospect of running for president again, Sanders explained that his main focus centers on working with others to take down “this very dangerous president.”

The socialist cited progressives, Democrats, Independent voters, and moderate Republicans as his allies in the fight against Trump. Mention of the latter was quite curious, seeing as Sanders’ policies are wholly antagonistic to the values of Republicans, including those with more moderate leanings.


There is no denying that the vast majority of the Republican Party’s support goes towards President Trump. Despite what Sanders may believe, he hasn’t built a political brand or base with crossover appeal. Going as far left as possible will not woo moderate Republicans away from the president.

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