BET Founder: Blacks Should “Form an Independent Party”

"Black Lives Matter" (CC BY 2.0) by Christopher.Michel

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to be a group of controversy and division. As an inherently polarizing group, both the left and the right maintain very different outlooks on Black Lives Matter.

While progressives and other leftists claim that Black Lives Matter is merely about saving and affirming the value of African-Americans’ lives, the rest of us know better.


If Black Lives Matter truly valued black lives, they wouldn’t only gather when black criminals are killed by the police. Furthermore, they’d be equally as critical about black-on-black crime as they are about the few white police officers who shoot blacks.

Now, there is talk about Black Lives Matter organizing into their own political party, informs Washington Examiner. According to BET founder Robert Johnson, Black Lives Matter should become an independent political party joined by African-Americans.

Why Does the BET Founder Believe BLM Should Transition into a Political Party?

During a conversation with CNBC, Johnson inferred that black Americans should cease to be an “appendage” of the Democrat Party or “ignored” by the Republican Party. The BET founder, therefore, suggested that black Americans unite and turn Black Lives Matter into a political party of its own.

Johnson’s interview with CNBC comes days after him writing a letter to Black Lives Matter and urging them to transform into a third party. This call comes in spite of Black Lives Matter setting fire to buildings, tearing down statues, and defacing monuments.

The violent behavior linked to individuals associated with Black Lives Matter has caused some Americans to regard them as a hate group. Remember, Black Lives Matter is the same group that’s called for dead police officers and presently leads the asinine movement to “defund the police.”


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