Biden 3.0: Ailing Fetterman Struggles to Speak at Senate Hearing

The Democrat Party seems to be increasingly populated with individuals with possible cognitive and mental acuity issues beyond President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden.

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, a stroke survivor, struggled to speak coherently and get across his thoughts during a congressional hearing, offering the public a bizarre word salad.

Democrats Becoming Party of the Cognitively Impaired

Fetterman seems to have become the third high-profile Democrat after Sleepy Joe and California Senator Dianne Feinstein (Biden 2.0) to struggle with cognitive and/or speech acuity problems.

(That’s not even mentioning the word salads of Biden’s veep Kamala Harris which might be due to different reasons.)

However, unlike 80-year-old Biden and 89-year-old Feinstein, whose senility and possible dementia could be associated with their advanced age, any issues that 53-year-old Fetterman – or Biden 3.0 – seems to have may be due to consequences from the stroke he suffered a year ago.

In spring 2022, with the lefties greedy to grab a GOP Pennsylvania Senate seat, Fetterman suffered an almost-fatal stroke, four days before the Democrat primary.

Doctors saved the life of the then-Pennsylvania lieutenant governor, but he may have rushed too early to the campaign trail, instead of being allowed to make a full recovery.

In the midterm election, Fetterman flipped the Senate seat he was fighting for by a narrow margin, but he has been struggling with health issues since he entered the Capitol in January.

Earlier this year, he was hospitalized with clinical depression at his own initiative and returned to Congress only last month.

Democrats Taking Heavy Toll on Their Own Soldier

During a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee, the Pennsylvania Democrat struggled with giving his remarks. This indicates the stroke, pressure, and stress he experienced may have taken a heavy toll on his speech and cognitive acuity, The Daily Wire reports.

Fetterman’s comments collapsed into a word salad that made little sense. He was stuttering through the points he seemed to be trying to make during an interview with the former CEO of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank.

The far-left Democrat appeared to argue that any bank could crash the US economy while expecting to be bailed out with taxpayer money.

A TIME Magazine report recently revealed the Senate Sergeant at Arms provided Fetterman with a live caption display and a tablet with closed captioning to help his recovery after the stroke.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.