Biden Administration Being Pressured To Release Truth About Ukraine Spending

America should support its allies and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was obviously wrong.

Big questions are coming up, however, about how the Biden administration is spending our money in Ukraine and shelling out a blank check to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Taxpayer money is for services involving the improvement of their lives and upkeep of basic services. Seeing so much of it go to a foreign war that the United States is not even officially a party to has some understandably concerned.

Now, Republicans are demanding more answers about how that money is being spent.

Where’s the $113 Billion?

Biden has sent off $113 billion to Ukraine, which is one of the most corrupt nations in the world and was so long before Russia attacked it.

Now, Congressman Byron Donalds of Naples, Florida sent off a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Sec. State Antony Blinken.

Donalds, along with several dozen more GOP legislators, want to know exactly what that money was used for in Ukraine since it also includes “economic” assistance and “security” help.

As the letter notes, taxpayers have a right to know what that money is being spent on so that “fraud” doesn’t take place or corruption doesn’t lead to money going missing.

US Denies Any Waste of Money in Ukraine

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has spoken out strongly in defense of the spending, saying there’s been no indication any of the money has been wasted or “fallen prey” to any kind of fraud or waste.

This is quite a strong statement, considering the day before Kirby said that, Zelensky let several highest-ranking insiders go for their involvement in a fraudulent scandal.

The officials who got fired allegedly used money to buy food and then sell it to the military at an exaggerated price, as well as bribing others with the money.

As Donalds’ letter notes, Kirby seems to not even be aware of the numerous struggles that Ukraine has had with corruption even in just the past few months.

As Donalds notes, there’s an “inherent risk” of some money going missing and problems occurring in cases like this; the US needs more oversight of where these billions of dollars are going.

Trust the World Bank?

Technically the World Bank is checking that the money is not being wasted or falling into fraud in Ukraine.

They did an awful job of that in Afghanistan with tracking US payments, which is part of why Donalds’ letter demands to know more.

As he and his colleagues observe, the World Bank has been frequently found to “lack transparency” and it is often “not effective” in tracking and having oversight of funds.

At this point, Donalds and his committee are waiting for the administration to provide the documents that show what this money is being used for and prove how it’s also being tied to efforts to crack down on corruption in Ukraine.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.