Biden Administration Brings Obamacare Before SCOTUS

"United States Supreme Court - 8 seats" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Al_HikesAZ

Joe Biden is gradually coming up on one month of his term as president. Thus far, mass loss of union jobs, pushes for an untargeted, expensive stimulus package, and support for mass amnesty are defining this administration.

“United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS)” (CC BY 2.0) by Anthony Quintano

The series of warnings from former President Trump about what the nation would look like with Biden in office are rapidly proving true. The 46th president is also showing that he’s more concerned with ruling via executive action than with actually working in a balanced, bipartisan fashion to pass commonsense policy.

The restoration of Obamacare is now one of the latest ventures of the Biden administration, Newsmax reports.

The Biden Administration, SCOTUS, and Obamacare

Yesterday, the Biden administration moved to have Obamacare upheld as law. To do this, the White House appealed to the Supreme Court that Obamacare should be preserved, marking yet another stark contrast against the Trump administration’s view of the ACA.

The appeal before the Supreme Court on Obamacare is in keeping with what Biden ran on during the 2020 presidential election. Biden vowed that he would build upon Obamacare, should he become the next president of the United States.

The Issues with Obamacare

Many Americans took issue with Obamacare, despite the extent to which Biden and other Democrats have glorified this program. Republicans have long warned that the ACA serves as a form of government overreach. Moreover, the infamous promise that Americans who like their doctor can keep their doctor didn’t turn out to be true.

Others across the nation also taken issue with the invasive nature of Obamacare. The individual mandate forced Americans who didn’t want Obamacare to opt out via paying a fee. This didn’t sit well with countless individuals, especially due to the questionable quality of Obamacare to begin with.

Biden’s work to get Obamacare fully up and running is yet another way he’s working to appeal to his left-wing base. Taking this matter before the Supreme Court shows zero interest in working with Republicans or taking into account the problems that so many Americans had with Obamacare.

The irony of Biden’s work to appease the hard leftists within his party is that even some of those individuals are displeased with the 46th president for not going far enough.

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