Biden Administration Makes New Moves Amid Foreign Objects Invading US Airspace

Alarming devices, with at least one coming from the Chinese government, continue to appear over western airspace. So far, the United States and Canada are having first-hand experiences with this, forcing our nation and the Great White North to act accordingly.

China, meanwhile, is now pointing the finger at the United States. Earlier this week, the Chinese government charged the United States with sending multiple balloons over its own airfield without getting consent from Beijing.

American officials are naturally pushing back against this, accusing China of fabricating this story as a means of damage control.

Now, amid all the foreign objects seen invading our country’s airspace, the Biden administration is employing new measures, according to NBC News.

A Closer Look at New Steps Taken By the US Government

In real time, an interagency body is being put together in order to help our country’s officials handle the spy balloons and other devices caught within our continent’s airfield.

This team will specifically be probing the risks these devices pose, how they should be dealt with, potential policies that can be used to detect these devices, and more.

Per national security chief John Kirby, the United States is going to be reviewing whether or not more security measures or additional steps need to be taken in order to safeguard our airfield.

The amount of devices spotted in North America during just this month alone poses cause for concern.

The development of an interagency body also follows NATO’s warning that China is becoming more hostile against the West and more willing to gather intel on various nations spanning over multiple continents.

To this day, China still has not taken responsibility for the initial spy balloon our government detected in North American airspace. Instead, it is the claim of the Chinese government that this balloon amounted to nothing more than a tool for the weather.

Proceeding With Caution

Right now, no one knows just what China may be prepared to do in the future as tensions advance between their nation and the West.

However, the communist regime has called upon America to return the debris remaining from one of the earlier spy balloons our nation downed. So far, there is no indication that US officials plan to hand this material over to China.

In fact, reviewing the debris could help the incoming interagency body learn more about protecting our airfield and other spaces from unwanted invasions. We certainly cannot count on China not sending over more devices to gather US intel.

Do you think the new agency in the works will protect the United States and the greater North America from being invaded via airfield? In the comments area below, please share your thoughts with us.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.