Biden Administration Pushing For New Dishwasher Regulations

The Biden administration has been very clear that it sees climate change as a threat to humanity that needs to be taken on. This explains the left’s rising animosity against cars fueled by gas and even gas stoves.

Within recent weeks, there have been renewed conversations and efforts geared to do away with gas stoves. Look no further than recent measures implemented by New York.

Meanwhile, Democrats are also pushing at the federal level to remake the United States into an image that it sees as conducive to tackling climate change.

One prime example of this deals with new measures the Biden administration is looking to execute via the US Energy Department, as reported by the Daily Wire.

What’s Happening Behind Closed Doors?

Pending regulations moving through America’s Energy Department will require new dishwashers from 2027 to take up 34% less water and 27% less energy. Coincidentially, Americans who purchase these dishwashers will also have to spend more money than they have in previous years.

Of course, the Energy Department is billing these regulations as strategic moves that will save people money in the long term. However, factors such as initial purchase costs and longevity of these new stoves show that Americans might be getting sold a bill of goods.

Then, there’s also the problematic element of big government policing what household appliances Americans are allowed to own. In real-time, many people rely on today’s gas stoves and aren’t that eager to toss them by the wayside.

More to Come

Judging from the behavioral patterns of climate change fanatics and the Biden administration, Americans should expect to see the push go far beyond electric vehicles and regulations on stoves.

The Green New Deal and conceivable pushes for climate lockdowns are just a few examples of other things Democrats may have in the works. Within the next several years, growing contention over emissions and energy consumption appears inevitable.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.