Biden Administration Renews Calls for Ban on “Assault Weapons”

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The Biden administration is unrelenting in its quest to completely erode the Second Amendment in America. From the president passing executive actions on gun control to him also pressuring Congress to pass gun control bills, the agenda is more than apparent.

The NRA has responded to this attack from the Biden administration; last week, Americans learned that the gun rights organization will be spending $2 million to preserve gun rights in the United States and ensure that lawmakers stay the course when it comes to protecting Second Amendment rights.

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This morning, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with CNN. During this time, the vice president opined that the United States needs to pass a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” as Breitbart News reports.

The Vice President on Eroding Gun Rights in America

When Harris spoke with CNN host Dana Bash on Sunday, she made sure to stick by leftist, anti-gun talking points. After Bash questioned Harris on why the Biden administration isn’t making guns the next priority, Harris stated that she disagreed with the premise of the question.

According to the vice president, the Biden administration has “taken action” by cracking down on ghost guns. Shortly thereafter, Harris declared that Biden is limited in what he can do via executive order; this arrived before the vice president stated that Congress needs to “act” on passing permanent gun control laws.

Harris’ notion of appropriate gun control laws, by her own admission, entails an “assault weapons ban” and background checks. Finally, the vice president confirmed that chipping away at Second Amendment rights is a “priority” of the Biden administration.

Restoring Balance in Congress

Harris’ remarks and calls for Congress to pass permanent gun control laws is all the more reason why getting Republicans back in the majority in the House and/or Senate is so imperative.

Right now, the Senate filibuster is the last line shielding America from the radical anti-gun agenda of the Biden administration. Republicans must therefore regain the majority in either or both chamber(s) to restore order and balance.

Harris’ interview with CNN this morning arrives as she’s gone more than 30 days without addressing the border crisis or visiting the border.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s work to rip apart the Second Amendment? Do you think the Senate filibuster will hold against Democrats’ push for gun control? Let us know in the comments section below.