Biden Administration Stays Out of the Fray on Bill to Pack SCOTUS

"210210-D-BN624-0783" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

On Thursday, left-wing lawmakers kicked a hornet’s nest by introducing legislation to add four new seats to the Supreme Court. The intention of packing the court is to bring an end to the present 6-3 conservative majority that currently stands.

The court-packing bill, also known as the Judiciary Act of 2021, engendered massive pushback from conservatives. The GOP stated that Democrats are, in effect, working to gain power over every single institution that controls power in America.

“210210-D-BN624-0822” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Republicans also pointed out that Democrats themselves have previously opposed work to pack the Supreme Court; decades ago, Biden described court-packing as a “boneheaded” notion.

Many Americans are eager to know whether President Biden supports or opposes packing the Supreme Court with four new liberal justices. However, the Biden administration is largely looking to stay out of this heated debate…at least for now, Washington Examiner confirms.

The White House on Packing the Supreme Court

During yesterday’s White House press briefing, Biden aide Jen Psaki did not give a definitive answer about where Biden stands on the Judiciary Act of 2021.

The press secretary instead stated that the president is aware of varying views that lawmakers have on court-packing. Psaki then declared that Biden “may” or also “may not” back the legislation to add four new seats to the Supreme Court.

Later, the White House press secretary faced questions about whether or not Biden supports eliminating the Senate filibuster to add new seats to the Supreme Court. On Thursday, Democrat Sen. Ed Markey stated that the filibuster must go in order for Democrats to pass the Judiciary Act of 2021.

Psaki, again, declined to give a direct answer. The White House press secretary simply stated that Biden “has his own view” and backs the free speech of lawmakers to opine about the future of the Supreme Court.

Preserving the Supreme Court

At this time, it is abundantly clear that President Biden wants to distance himself from the current court-packing debate.

However, Republicans are working hard to now preserve the Supreme Court. Just yesterday GOP Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona proposed a constitutional amendment to keep the Supreme Court at nine justices and nine justices alone.

In an announcement of this proposal, Rep. Biggs warned that it is unacceptable to give Democrats a free pass to pack the Supreme Court with radical left-wing justices.

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