Biden Again Claims That Kamala Harris is the President

Since his time as president alone, Joe Biden has displayed shocking amounts of gaffes while giving interviews or even just speaking to the public on his own.

Biden’s known to forget where he is, misremember important names, and otherwise prove himself to be out of it.

Americans aren’t amused and are warning that it’s dangerous for someone with this level of cognitive decline to be leading the country. Already, the United States has to contend with a series of bad policies because of Biden and the enablers he has in the House and the Senate.

Now, the president has suffered from yet another gaffe, this one dealing with how he addressed Vice President Kamala Harris, per Breitbart News.

Biden’s Latest Gaffe

On Monday, Biden wished Harris a happy birthday. Though things went left when the president claimed Harris was a “great president.” As Americans are very well aware of, Harris is the vice president, not the commander-in-chief.

However, this isn’t Biden’s first time referring to his vice president as president. He’s done this on numerous occasions, yet again leading to speculations about his mental state and wellbeing.

Barely a few weeks ago, Biden was calling out for a deceased Indiana GOP lawmaker whom he himself previously acknowledged had already passed. At the rate things are going, there’s no telling what the president’s mental state is like, but it’s certainly not good.

If Biden is unable to remember that his own vice president isn’t the commander-in-chief, then it begs to question what else he could be failing to recall.

Little Coverage From the Mainstream Media

Thus far, the mainstream media has largely abstained from acknowledging that Biden once again slipped up when referring to his own vice president.

Though it’s safe to say that if a Republican constantly made these types of gaffes and errors, they certainly wouldn’t get a pass from the press.

Many Americans have called upon Biden to undergo cognitive testing and then release the results of the test to the public. The Biden administration doesn’t want to do this. To most Americans, the likely reasoning is obvious.

If the general public had solid, empirical confirmation that Biden isn’t up for the job, it would generate massive backlash and throw more momentum behind the idea that the 25th Amendment should be invoked to remove Biden.

There is absolutely no indication that the president’s memory or cognitive functions will improve. In fact, as he gets older, they’re likely to deteriorate even further. For a president who’s supposed to be running the country, this is a scary notion.

What do you think about Joe Biden once again slipping up when referencing Vice President Kamala Harris? Let us know in the comments area if you have concerns about Biden’s mental state.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.