Biden Aide Mocks Americans’ ‘Soft-on-Crime’ Worries, Police Outraged

(C-Span snapshot)

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has bewilderingly laughed off the worries of Americans about the dire consequences of “soft-on-crime” policies across the nation.

Psaki’s ‘Alternate Coverage Universe’

Psaki uttered her highly disparaging comments about legitimate concerns over the results of the Defund Police movement and woke “justice reforms” during an appearance last week on the Pod Save America podcast.

Her words have quickly elicited the wrath of America’s leading police unions.

Not unlike Jen Psaki herself, all four hosts of the Pod Save America podcasts have served as aides of former Democrat President Barack Obama. Psaki, in particular, was Obama’s deputy communications director and deputy press secretary.

Biden’s press secretary was commenting on a segment from Fox News about what the far-left, woke, soft-on-crime policies lead to.

She contrasted Fox News’ coverage by host Jeanine Pirro with the fact that CNN and MSNBC, leading mainstream outlets engaging in leftist propaganda, are focusing at the same time on Ukraine-Russia tensions.

“What does that even mean?” Psaki wondered mockingly, referring to the soft-on-crime consequences discussed by Pirro on Fox News.

She claimed those interested in the topic live in some “alternate coverage universe” and insisted it is “scary” that many people tune in to that.

Psaki’s perplexing comments disparaging Americans’ public safety worries come against the backdrop of highly alarming crime spikes, with 16 major cities across the US breaking homicide records last year.

There is a 510% spike in carjackings nationwide, an unprecedented wave of demonstrative smash-and-grab, organized crime raids in Chicago and San Francisco, and 28 police officers getting shot this month alone.

Psaki’s disregard for all this is in line with attitudes of other senior Democrats, such as woke Democrat DA Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney.

It’s the End Result of Left-wing Policies

The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), America’s largest police union, reacted with sheer outrage at Psaki’s remarks about “soft-on-crime” policies.

FOP President Patrick Yoes issued a statement lambasting the Biden aide for “belittling Americans’ concerns”. Yoes described her “laughing off” of the matter and her suggestion that violent crime isn’t a concern for Americans as “very wrong”.

He remarked that while Psaki might be feeling “safe in the White House,” the world right now is an increasingly “dangerous” place; many people don’t have her kind of safety in their workplace.

Yoes also exposed rogue, “agenda-driven prosecutors” as the cause of much of the current crime spike. He stressed that such DAs have been “abhorrent” in numerous cases, by allowing “many violent offenders” to roam free.

Stephen Miller, the former adviser of President Trump, tweeted that the comments of Biden’s press secretary are “appalling”. GOP US Senator Tom Cotton felt compelled to explain to Psaki in a tweet what soft-on-crime consequences mean.

He made it crystal clear that it means bail reform, defunding the police, and other Democrat policies causing a “record spike in murders,” among other crimes.