Biden Aides Spill the Beans on POTUS’ Agenda, Thoughts on Impeachment

"A burning US national flag" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

After 11 days of the Biden presidency, many Americans are eager to know where the 46th president’s state of mind is.

With less than two weeks in office, Biden has significantly added to the unemployment crisis by killing thousands of jobs in the name of climate change. The president doesn’t really appear to have a plan for getting Americans back to work either; this doesn’t bode well for the nation at all.

“President Donald Trump’s supporters part” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

In addition to passing one executive action after the other, the Democrat also recently turned down a request for a meeting from GOP senators. Meanwhile, Biden is openly supportive of the Senate’s upcoming impeachment trial against Trump, while doing nothing to put actions behind his words regarding bipartisanship.

However, Newsmax confirms that aides for the 46th president have a pretty good idea of what his current state of mind looks like.

The 46th President’s State of Mind

According to Biden’s aides and allies, he is focused on getting his agenda passed first and foremost. Based on the actions of the 46th president, this agenda entails stopping Keystone XL pipeline, obstructing the oil and gas industries, raising the federal minimum wage, granting statehood to Washington D.C., and opening America’s borders.

While Biden is openly supportive of the Senate impeachment trial, his allies confirm an interest in the proceedings not interfering with his plans. With a Congress controlled by Democrats, the 46th president is eager to use these majorities to his advantage. Should Republicans get their way, Democrats will not control the House of Representatives after 2022.

The actions of the 46th president also show that he will pass as many executive orders as possible. Last week, however, six attorney generals from Republican-run states warned that they’d bring suit against Biden if he oversteps his bounds with these executive actions.

“Just Getting Started”

Yesterday afternoon, the Democrat president took to Twitter and professed that he’s “just getting started.”

In layman’s terms, this means that the nation should prepare itself. More Americans will likely lose their jobs in the wake of Biden’s energy policies that continue crushing blue-collar workers. Republicans at the state levels have also begun taking preventative and precautionary measures to protect their workers as much as possible from Biden’s executive actions.

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