Biden and Harris Lash Out at “Extremist Republicans” Over Abortion

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris slammed the Supreme Court and Republicans for banning abortion access in America.

On Tuesday, Democratic leadership spoke to the abortion task force of the White House, a gathering which seemed more like an election campaign event for Democrats.

Dems Trying to Mobilize Voters on Abortion Once Again

While lashing out at Republican lawmakers, Biden stated extremist Republicans are trying to ban abortion through federal law.

As per Biden, Republicans’ success would mean even those people who are living in blue states would not be able to access abortion facilities. 

In addition to that, Harris claimed the Roe vs Wade verdict of the Supreme Court empowered extremist Republicans to create a healthcare crisis in the United States by banning abortion access in more than half of the country.

Harris asserted that a Democratic majority in Congress would mean the lawmakers would be able to pass a national law to allow abortion access in the country, thus saving millions of women from forceful reproduction.

Likewise, Harris added governments should not be able to make healthcare decisions for women. Instead, all females should consult their doctors to make their own decision about their bodies, the vice president continued. 

Furthermore, Harris also highlighted the case studies in different states where Republicans restricted abortion access after the Supreme Court’s verdict.

According to Harris, GOP lawmakers are activating 19th-century abortion laws in different states that make no sense in today’s world.

The vice president also urged religious people that they do not need to abandon their faith to accept the government should not intervene in the private healthcare matters of other people.

Physicians Back Dems in the Abortion Task Force

Miguel Cardona, secretary of the Department of Education, also spoke to the task force. Cardona established he is reminding all universities to comply with Title IX to end any sex-based discrimination in educational institutions.

As reproductive healthcare is critical for the success of students, Cardona continued, all educational institutions should pay attention to the healthcare facilities given to students.

Different physicians also attended the task force event, as they sided with the narrative of the Democrat Party on the issue of abortion. One physician established the Supreme Court verdict to restrict abortion access has created panic across the country.

Biden created the task force earlier this year in order to highlight his administration’s efforts to protect abortion access in America. Though the task force became more relevant after the Supreme Court abortion verdict in June.

These abortion remarks from Biden and Harris are coming ahead of the next month’s midterm elections, where Democrats are expecting to mobilize their voters on the issue of abortion.

However, different reports have previously suggested Americans are now less worried about abortion and more about other issues, like the rising border crisis and crime.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.